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Benjamin "Ben" Wilkinson was a medical intern living in Sunnydale[1] and the human prison/vessel for Glorificus.[2]


Origin []

Ben was born circa 1976[3] as the mortal prison for the deposed hell-goddess Glory.[2] Glory would free herself from Ben for periods of time and search for the Key,[4] but a spell prevented any human who witnessed or heard of this transformation from remembering it.[3]

Dealing with Glory[]

As a junior physician at Sunnydale Memorial, Ben met and befriended Buffy Summers after her mother Joyce fainted. He let Buffy's sister Dawn play with his stethoscope and assured the girls their mother was going be fine.[1]

Joyce kept coming to Memorial weeks later; her condition became worse, leading to Buffy having more encounters with Ben. The second being when she used her Slayer strength to help dispatch one of the growing number of mental patients. Buffy recognized the patient early on as a watchman who lacked any mental problems prior to his hospitalization.[5] Even as things started to get worse for Joyce, as she was then diagnosed with a tumor, Ben advised Buffy to give herself a break.[6]

As the amount of mental patients grew to a notable number, Ben summoned a Queller demon to Sunnydale in order to kill off the mental patients and "clean up Glory's mess." It killed six of Glory's victims. Joyce was attacked as well, due to her tumor had started to affect her mental health, but Buffy slayed the demon before it could kill her mother.[7]

Ben bumping into Dawn alone at the hospital, so he tried to cheer her up by making her hot chocolate. As they talked, she told him about her identity as the Key. Shocked at the realization, Ben warned Dawn to leave before he transformed into Glory. Although, Glory was unable to find out Dawn's nature at that time because she did not share Ben's memories.[4]

Recovering from her break-up with Riley Finn, Buffy sought an interest in Ben when they found each other at a college party, which was disrupted by the presence of an out-of-control robot named April. After seeing the lengths taken by April to procure and satisfy her boyfriend and creator Warren Mears, Buffy decided to focus on her family issues and not pursue him, not wanting to define herself by her lack of a relationship.[8]

Being constantly harassed by Glory's minion Jinx, Ben accidentally let it slip that the Key was an innocent human. He then stabbed Jinx with a knife in hopes of killing him, but the demon managed to survive long enough to inform Glory of this newfound information.[9]

After spending two weeks away from work due to Glory seizing control, Ben was relieved from his job at Memorial.[10]

Glory eventually found out Dawn was the Key, so Buffy and the Scooby Gang drove away and hid from the Knights of Byzantium the abandoned Four Aces gas station. Buffy called Ben to treat an injured Rupert Giles, but he soon turned back into Glory, who took Dawn away with her.[2] Because of Spike, a vampire who was immune to Glory's spell, the group slowly learned that Glory and Ben shared the same body.[3]


As the Big Day approached, Ben's and Glory's personalities began to merge and the two were able to communicate directly. Due to him possessing Glory's ruthlessness and selfishness, Ben agreed to help her in the ritual that would kill Dawn.[3] During the ritual, the Scoobies attacked Glory and Buffy beat her repeatedly with the Olaf the Trollgod's Enchanted Hammer. Injured, Glory transformed to Ben and Buffy spared his life. Buffy told him to warn Glory not to come near her and her family again, to which he agreed.[11]

As Buffy left to rescue Dawn, Ben announced to Glory that it would just be the two of them. Giles came to him and Ben confirmed that it would take some time for him to recover from his injuries. Giles, knowing Glory would eventually resurface, smothered Ben to death with his bare hands, killing both Ben and Glory.[11] Ben was 25 years old at the time.[3]

Behind the scenes[]