Primeval 436

Riley Finn holding the behavior modifier he just cut out of his body

The chip is here. Tied directly into your central nervous system through the thoracic nerve. This is phase one of your preparation.
―Adam to Riley Finn[src]

Behavior Modifier was the name of a chip which Maggie Walsh implanted in Riley Finn which was intended to control his motor functions. Walsh planned on using it during the final stage of 314 Project, where she intended to turn Riley into a Bio-mechanical demonoid. Adam activated it in order to pacify Riley while Adam's plans came into the final stage.

Unlike the Behavior-Modification Circuitry, this chip was tied directly into the central nervous system through the thoracic nerve instead of being implanted in the brain. Another difference was that this device did not work by causing pain, but by taking control of the victim's body, which was then under the control of whoever controlled the chip.

As the creation of a behaviorist psychologist, the chip was intended to control observable behavior (actions) and not the target's will, thoughts or desires, which are outside the field of behaviorism.

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