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Beck was mutant patient at Mosaic Wellness Center and member of Team Spike.


Early life[]

Beck was born on June 21, 1989.[1] She got pyrokinetic abilities by bounding with a fire elemental. She then accidentally killed her parents and younger brother in a fire when she was six years old.[2]


As a teenager, Beck became a patient at the Mosaic Wellness Center, a rehabilitation center for demons and other supernatural beings which claimed to be able to cure them of their "curses." However, contrary to its benevolent exterior, Mosaic was actually a high security prison on the inside, from which inmates were unable to leave. Beck's dangerous powers kept her safe from hostile inmates, and she made some close friends in group therapy, including Betta George, Biv, Anna, and Marv, as well as their therapist Dr. Brandon Thilbault. She remained guarded and quiet, always leaving to cry in the bathroom during sessions.[3]

During her time at Mosaic, Beck heard about a vampire-with-a-soul, Spike. He was a kind of "boogeyman" at Mosaic, with inmates telling stories about him to scare each other. However, these stories would actually comfort Beck, due to Spike's reputation as a hero. Eventually, Spike became a inmate at Mosaic himself, having been tricked into admitting himself by the parents of one of his past victims. His cell was the one in front of Beck's and Spike ended up in Thilbault's group therapy alongside her. Beck's admiration for Spike nearly killed her when the vampire inmate Wiseau stabbed her with a stake as a message to Spike.[3]

When Spike rebelled against Mosaic's senior staff, Beck and rest of their group took a stand alongside him, against Dr. Ray and his army of brainwashed patients. She also told her friends about killing her family, a confession which Thibault described as a "real breakthrough". Beck helped Spike battle Wiseau and overcame her fears about her own powers to finish off Ray and the remains of his army. Afterwards, Beck said goodbye to Spike and his friend Lorne and returned to Mosaic, where she and the rest of the group transformed the center into an actual sanctuary for the supernatural.[2]

Las Vegas[]

Some time later, before heading out to Las Vegas, Spike visited the Mosaic Wellness Center to recruit Beck. Mosaic coordinator Malposo Angra Mazda Ormazd Yazatas Mainyu was reluctant at first, because Beck had been displaying emotional and behavioral problems. Spike chalked it up to her youth, and stated that Betta George would accompany them. Malposo let Spike have Beck for two days, but she was to wear gauntlets to control her pyrokinesis. Beck, who was donning a new tough-girl look, subsequently destroyed the gauntlets the first chance she got.[1]

Powers and abilities[]

Beck's file at Mosaic listed her "known powers" as "creation and manipulation of fire" and "rapid healing," her "known weakness" as "emotionally unstable," and the "origin" as bounding "with fire elemental."[1]

  • Pyrokinesis: Beck could cause fire on both small and long distances, in which the flames would suddenly emerge at her chosen location.[4][5][1]
  • Regeneration: After Wiseau pushed a wooden stake into her chest,[3] Beck not only survived this attack, but she was also healed within a few hours.[4]
  • Beck had also a high resistance ability that allowed her to jump from the same level as Spike and a werewolf to the ground without being hurt.[citation needed]


Behind the scenes[]

  • Beck was co-created by writer Brian Lynch, who based her on his own wife, the screenwriter Carrie Beck.[6]
  • According to Lynch, Beck was supposed to die in the Spike series: "She was a popular character from my Spike books and figured if she wasn't going to Dark Horse with him, this would be it for her anyway, so might as well. But then I figured she'd come this far, why fridge her just to do it?"[7]
  • Her character has great similarities to the pyrokinetic character Liz Sherman from Hellboy.




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