Beck was half-demon patient at Mosaic Wellness Center, and member of Team Spike.


Beck Powers

Beck's Pyrokinetic Powers

Before heading out to Vegas, Spike visited the Mosaic Wellness Center to recruit Beck. Mosaic coordinator Malposo Angra Mazda Ormazd Yazatas Mainyu was reluctant at first, because Beck had been displaying emotional and behavioral problems. Spike chalked it up to her youth, and stated that Betta George would accompany them.

Malposo let Spike have Beck for two days, but she was to wear gauntlets to control her pyrokinesis. Beck, who was donning a new tough-girl look, subsequently destroyed the gauntlets the first chance she got.

Powers and Abilities

Through her physiology as a half-demon, Beck has a high resistance ability that allows her to jump from the same level as Spike and a werewolf to the ground without being hurt, and to be instantly campable.

In addition, it also has strong regeneration forces. Some demons pushed a wooden stake into her chest to blame this to Spike later. Beck, however, has not only survived this attack, but she was also healed within a few hours.

She has the ability of pyrokinesis. She can cause fire on both small and long distances. However, this ability is not offensive (she can not throw a fireball as an example), instead the flames simply suddenly emerge at her chosen location.


Behind the Scenes

  • Beck was co-created by writer Brian Lynch, who based her on his own wife[1].
  • Her character has great similarities to Liz Sherman from "Hellboy".
  • A half-demon, Beck got her pyrokinesis by connecting with a fire elementary. Whether she was a human before, and thus became a half-demon, similar to Cordelia Chase, or she was previously a half-demon, is unknown.


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