The Battle at the Vineyard is a battle between Buffy and her forces and Caleb and his Bringers.


Caleb arrives in Sunnydale and non-fatally stabs Shannon telling her to give Buffy the message that "I have something of yours" in order to lure her into a trap. After following a Bringer to the Vineyard, Buffy and her forces attack.

The Battle

Buffy and her forces arrive and engage several Bringers. The group holds them off easily before Caleb calls them off in order to fight himself. After speaking with Buffy, Caleb knocks her out with a single powerful punch, displaying his own incredible strength. Caleb then engages the Potentials and Scoobies with the Bringers joining in a bit. Caleb is able to easily fend off both Spike and Faith and breaks Rona's arm when she tries to fight him. Caleb also breaks a Potential's neck and stabs Molly, killing both before Buffy recovers and orders a retreat. Buffy then engages Caleb and manages to knock him down, allowing most of the group to escape, but Caleb grabs Xander and gouges out his left eye with his thumb before Spike rams him to the ground, allowing him and Buffy to escape with Xander. Caleb recovers quickly, but lets the group go as he has won.


Buffy and her forces become greatly demoralized as a result of this battle and Caleb's incredible power. Caleb's presence in Sunnydale gives the First a major advantage due to his incredible strength and power. Also, the battle weakens Buffy's leadership in the eyes of her group and they eventually mutiny against her and force her to leave.

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