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The Battle at Crawford Street Mansion was a significant fight to prevent the end of the world.


After Giles was kidnapped Buffy knew it was only a matter of time before Angelus awakened Acathla and end the world. Spike, jealous of the constant flirting between Angelus and Drusilla, met with Buffy and offering an alligence. He agreed to help Buffy, if she allowed him and Drusilla to leave town. While searching for Giles at his house, she met Whistler who told her that Angel's blood will awaken Acathla and only Angel's blood will seal Acathla again. Willow recovered from her injuries and wanted to try the Restoration spell again, to restore Angel's soul. She sent Xander to tell Buffy, but once he reached her, he withheld that information.

The Battle

Having gained the information on the awakening ritual from Giles, Angelus began the ritual, with Spike (still pretending to be crippled) and Drusilla watching. Buffy interrupted the ritual, decapitating one of his vampire minions. Angelus was blindsided by Spike as Buffy began fighting the second vampire minion. Drusilla attacked Spike, and the two vampire began fighting. Meanwhile, Xander reached Giles, and helped him escape the mansion. Angelus came to, and grabbed the sword in Acathla as buffy killed the last vampire minion. Drusilla, distracted in awe by Acathla's awakening, was knocked out by Spike, and he drove them out of Sunnydale. Buffy and Angelus used their two swords and dueled around the mansion. At one point, Angelus gained the upper hand, but Buffy stopped the lethal blow. The duel continued, with Buffy gaining ground, and disarming Angelus in front of Acathla. Before she could deliver the killing blow, Willow completed the Ritual of Restoration and Angel's soul was restored. Angel was confused by his surroundings, not yet remembering the events as Angelus. Buffy, relieved to have Angel back, enbraced him, but she saw behind him Acathla, who opened a portal to his dimension. Buffy gave Angel one last kiss, and impaled him and Acathla with the Blessed Sword. Angel was sent through the portal and it was closed.


Buffy, traumatized by killing her love, and no longer feeling welcomed in her home, left Sunnydale, forcing other members of the Scooby Gang to take up her role in slaying vampires. While Angel was in Acathla's dimension for a few months on Earth, time passed quicker in the dimension where he suffered torments for about a hundred years. By some unknown circumstances, he was released from the dimension.

Key Participants

Scooby Gang

Angelus's Gang



  • Angel
  • 2 nameless vampires


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