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Btvs The canonicity of this article's subject remains dubious. Though it doesn't contradict official continuity, it has not been referenced in any confirmed canonical material.

I gave you a place at my feet, Baticus. To amuse me. To keep me company. You abused the honor.

Baticus was a demon from the time of the Primordium Age and an enemy of Illyria. He was heir to the king of the Darque Wurms, a species of gigantic, worm-like demons that rebelled against Illyria.


Baticus. Heir to a people who are no more. [...] Now you are the last living testament to the folly of rebellion.

During the time of the Old Ones, Baticus' father led a massive rebellion against Illyria's rule. Thousands of Darque Wurms launched an attack on Vahla Ha'nesh, Illyria's temple and her seat of power. With the aid of her Army of Doom, Illyria massacred the rebels, leaving their mutilated corpses on the ground of her temple as well as impaling their carcasses on the building's columns. Baticus' father was executed personally by Illyria, who tore out his multiple hearts from his throat, as an example to those who might be thinking of rebelling against her. Only Baticus' life was spared, and he was tied down by Illyria's loyal soldiers.

Baticus was brought before Illyria, who taunted the defeated heir, only to be spat in the face. Enraged, Illyria killed Baticus by driving her tentacles into his skull, afterwards leaving his body and using it for her amusement until she grew bored. However, instead of having Baticus' body disposed, Illyria, in what she considered a rare moment of whimsy, brought him back to life.

Afterwards, Illyria kept Baticus as his "pet", alive for her company and amusement. However, Baticus still attempted to form dissent among Illyria's subjects. As punishment, Illyria beheaded Baticus, but didn't kill him, and then buried him inside a stone coffin, similar to the one she would be eventaully be interred as well, so he would be trapped beneath the earth for eternity.

Milennia later, however, a cell of the Scourge, under the leadership of Embre, unearthed Baticus' coffin and used the Mutari generator to reempower Baticus and allow him to break from his tomb. However, although he proved too powerful for the currently-depowered Illyria to defeat, like her after originally acquiring Fred's body, his body proved inadequate to contain Illyria's power because he was not an Old One, resulting in him dying as the power tore him apart.