Barshon was a Pylean demon priest of an unidentified species and member of the Covenant of Trombli.


He was a member of the Covenant of Trombli when Cordelia Chase was captured and believed to be the "Cursed One". Unlike Silas, the leader of of the Covenant, Barshon was adamantly opposed to naming a "cow" as the Monarch of Pylea, for which Silas promised him Cordelia's head after she had completed the Com-Shuck with the Groosalugg, after which Cordelia would be useless to them.

Despite his adamant racism, Barshon was more of a coward than a fanatic. After the death of Silas, he did everything in his power not to share his fate, even allowing Cordelia to take the Sacred Wolf, Ram, and Hart books.


Like the rest of his species, Barshon had orange-brownish skin, black eyes with visible pupils and ornamental tattoos on his face.

Behind the Scenes

  • He was portayed by Andrew Parks.


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