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Barney was an Empath demon and a serial murderer.


Despite his nonthreatening appearance, Barney was a sadistic murderer and an auctioneer of body parts of demons and other empowered beings. Barney sought the help of Angel Investigations when he was being tracked down by a demon hunter, who turned out to be Wesley Wyndam-Pryce, who was actually tracking a Kungai demon, who Wesley believed was responsible for a number of deaths that had actually been caused by Barney himself; the Kungai was merely tracking Barney in order to exact revenge for the removal of his Tak horn.

While Angel investigated, Barney was left alone with Cordelia Chase. During their conversation, Cordelia revealed she had just obtained the power of receiving visions from The Powers That Be, prompting Barney to drop his nice guy facade and attack Cordelia.

Barney took Cordelia to the Los Angeles Ramsay Hotel, where he held his auctions alongside his partner Hank. Barney sold the Tak horn for 20,000 U.S. dollars and then proceeded to auction Cordelia's eyes, which were purchased by Mac, a Wolfram & Hart lawyer and regular bidder, for 30,000 U.S. dollars.

While Mac and Barney discussed over whether eye-removal was included or not in the price, Angel and Wesley arrived to rescue Cordelia. While his men fought Angel, Barney fought Wesley and had the upper hand until Cordelia took the Tak horn and stabbed Barney in the back with it, causing Barney to dry out and disintegrate, killing him.[1]


Barney possessed pink, ruddy skin and a pointy nose and ears. He also had two vestigial, rounded horns on each side of his forehead.


Like his species name indicates, Barney has empathic powers, which means he feels the emotions of those around him as they were his own. The fact that he's capable of murdering and mutilating others and being an empath at the same time indicate he's also a sadist, as a regular empath would not be able to endure the anguish and fear of others.

Behind the scenes[]

  • He was portrayed by Maury Sterling.
  • He was Cordelia Chase's first demon kill (non-vampire).