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Easy, mate. I'm useless to Fraser hornless, and I know too much for him to let me live.

Baphon was a demon established in London and a member of the Fraser Gang. He dealt in the blood of Mohra demons.


His first appearance is when he fights with a group of vampires against the Slayers in London. While the vampires are defeated one after the other, Baphon can defeat Faith and escape.

But Angel has met Kurth in a bar and torn him an arm. He fled to Baphon, and asked for Mohra-Blood to heal. Baphon gives him something. However, Angel and Faith have followed Kurth and attack the hideout of the Fraser-Gang.

In the fight, all demons except Baphon are killed, but Angel slaps both horns. Shortly after, Angel Baphon threatens, but this betrays Mal Fraser voluntarily. He believes that Mal Fraser will kill him because he is useless for him without his powers, and asks Angel and Faith to deal with him until he can leave the city.

Powers and abilities[]

I stabbed him in the heart and almost froze to death.
―Faith Lehane[src]

Baphon's power against Faith

Baphon possessed a void in the middle of his chest which would freeze any material it came in contact with. He also had the ability to fly and possessed superhuman strength rivaling that of Slayers.

The source of his power was located in his horns.