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Note: This article is about the San Francisco resident. For other uses, see Aura.

Aura was Willow Rosenberg's ex-girlfriend, having a relationship with her in the period of the end of magic.[1]


Aura attended Buffy Summers' house-warming party in San Francisco along with Willow. At the event, she apparently didn't engage with anyone else, either using her cellphone or making out with her girlfriend. Willow then spent the night at Aura's, but sneaked out on her by the morning to check Buffy, take a shower, and go to work.[1]

Some time later, Willow mentioned her girlfriend when she asked Buffy to not tell her about the apparent slumber party they had. In the same night,[2] though, Willow left to London and traveled through dimensions in an effort to restore magic. She soon was reunited with her ex-lover Aluwyn, and the two kissed.[3]

By the following year, after a new Seed of Wonder was created, Willow and Aura had already broken up, as Willow would comment about being single again.[4] Previously to their relationship, Willow had broken up with Kennedy soon after magic had been cut from Earth.[5]

Behind the scenes[]

  • In the initial designs for Aura, she was roughly of Willow's height, and in her first panel she would be smiling and hugging Willow instead. These concepts were described as "not tall and aloof enough."[6]
  • As she shares the name and ethnicity of Aura from Sunnydale High School, editor Scott Allie was questioned about them being the same character: "Wow. Crap. I believe that's a total coincidence. It never came up in what turned into very detailed conversations about getting her look right. If it was supposed to be her, I'm sure Joss [Whedon] would have directed us to IMDb."[7] Artist Georges Jeanty concluded as well: "The Auras aren't the same person. Any similarities are purely coincidental."[8]