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If I could've found that thing myself -- the monster who took my son -- I'd have killed it with my bare hands. It made me afraid of my little boy.
―Aubrey Jenkins[src]

Aubrey Jenkins was one of the individuals Daniel Holtz recruited in his campaign against Angel in 2001.


Your friends are still alive -- and my little boy isn't.
―Aubrey to Angel[src]

Aubrey had lost her son, Timothy, to a vampire who sired him. According to Aubrey, Timothy was destroyed when he was demanding his mother to invite him into their house when the sun came up.

Holtz tracked Aubrey down like he had done with many people in Los Angeles, manipulating their pain and rage to make them join his crusade against Angel. He sent Aubrey to spy on Angel Investigations by pretending to be potential client who wanted the vampire who sired her son destroyed. Thanks to the information given by Aubrey, Charles Gunn and Winifred Burkle walked into a trap in which they had to fight a group of vampires.

Aubrey returned to the Hyperion Hotel in an attempt to establish a connection with Wesley Wyndam-Pryce. However, her cover was blown when she accidentally revealed she knew there was more than one vampire at the piers. She was confronted by Angel, who, while admitting he considered still Holtz a good man, also threatened to kill anyone who came after his friends or son. Seconds later, a soft tremor arranged by Lilah Morgan on Sahjhan's behalf hit Los Angeles. Aubrey took the chance to escape and return to Holtz, not knowing Wesley followed her.

Personality and traits[]

Holtz: “Good work, Aubrey.
Aubrey: “Thanks, boss.
— Holtz and Aubrey[src]

Playing the part of a suffering, grieving mother, Aubrey was not the sensitive and lonely women she pretended to be. In fact, Holtz had used her rage and thirst for justice to turn her into a tough and cold warrior whose goal was to vicariously obtain satisfaction for her son's death through the fulfillment of Holtz's revenge.

Behind the Scenes[]

  • She was portrayed by Wendy Davis.