Captain Atkinson was an LAPD captain in charge of the 23rd Precinct and a minor antagonist during season 2 of Angel

Zombie Plot[edit | edit source]

In early 2001, Atkinson used the Idol of Granath to resurrect multiple police officers who'd been killed on duty in the previous few months as zombies. He then set them loose on the streets of his neighbourhood to murder known criminals and anyone connected to them, including innocent bystanders.

His eyes eventually turned to the East Hills Teen Center, a runaway teenage home ran by Anne Steele, which harboured what the captain saw as despicable elements of society (homeless teens, some petty criminals, etc.) and he decided to destroy all criminal elements in his neighbourhood by destroying the home. After scaring multiple known criminals into hiding in the home (along with Charles Gunn, Wesley Wyndam-Price and Cordelia Chase), Atkinson sent his army of zombie cops to attack the home and kill all its residents. However, his plan was foiled due to the intervention of Angel and Kate Lockley, who figured out the zombie cops were all coming from his precinct. Angel surprised the captain in his office and tricked him into revealing where he hid the Idol of Granath, which he then used to beat Atkinson unconscious before destroying it. With the idol's destruction, all the zombie officers died as well, stopping the attack on the home.

After he's thwarted, Atkinson lodged a complaint against Kate, accusing her of extra-oficial vigilantism and causing her dismissal from her function at Los Angeles Police Department.

Behind the Scenes[edit | edit source]

  • He was portrayed by Steven Barr.

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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