This article is about the Slayer. For the werewolf, see Nina Ash.
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I’m not a killer. I’m a healer. I fix things. That’s what I do.

Athena “Nina” Jamison-Smythe was a Slayer and the last one to be called before the end of magic.


Nina was the daughter of two Watchers, Merrick and Helen Jamison-Smythe, and had a twin sister, Artemis. She grew up in the grounds of the Watchers Academy. At some point, Nina survived a house fire that left her lungs severely damaged.

An American, Nina had spent eight years in Ireland before the destruction of the Seed of Wonder, where she trained to be a medic in the Watchers Council. Considered the last Slayer to be called before the end of magic, Nina was activated in the same day, but only noticed it two months later after killing a hellhound with her bare hands.[1]



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