Giles: “Uh, the boy's been in a coma for week. How can this be possible?
Buffy: “What, am I knowledge girl now? Explanations are your terrain.
Giles: “Uh, well, um, there's astral projection, uh, the theory that while one sleeps one has another body, a-an astral body, which can travel through time and space.
— Buffy Summers and Rupert Giles[src]
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Astral Projection was a process wherein the consciousness of being who's in a state of slumber or comatose, left their body, into an "astral body" where they could travel into the real world or in different planes of existence, throughout time and space.


  • In Sunnydale 1997, Billy Palmer manifested as an astral body after he was beaten into a coma. Along with his consciousness, the nightmares of the people of Sunnydale manifested in reality. 
  • In Los Angeles 2003, after dosing herself and Angelus with the mystical drug known as orpheus, Faith Lehane and the said vampire entered a mystical walk in Angel's mind, witnessing past events in his life. During these trials, they were unable to interact with any of the scenery and this period took a close when Angelus began to fight Angel, cumulating to the point Angel's soul was restored.
  • A year later, the comatose Cordelia Chase became an astral body and used her last day on earth to assist Angel and his team in preventing Wolfram & Hart's failsafe being released by Lindsey McDonald. This time, Cordelia's astral body could interact with the world but confirmed dead after her time was up. 
  • After the destruction of Sunnydale, Willow Rosenberg traveled to the Himalayas via astral projection. Since she was on a different plane, she could not return to L.A. to help Winifred Burkle who was dying.


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