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You have no idea who I am, do you, Miss Raiden. Or of the dire importance of recent events.

Ashet was one of the five members of the Ra-Tet and the second totem of the sun god Ra. Ashet was a being composed entirely of light encased within a male human shell. He had the appearance of an African man with white irises.


I bagged for this guy six years—big money—and he never wanted to meet before.

In 2002, Ashet hired the high-class thief Gwen Raiden - who had worked for him for six years, never meeting face to face - to acquire powerful amulets to protect himself from the Beast, who was killing the totems in an attempt to perform a ritual which would block out the sun.


The Beast killing him

The two met in Los Angeles after Gwen refused to accept the contract as she had decided to flee to Tahiti following a number of unexplained events followed by the rain of fire. As the two discussed, however, Ashet was killed by the Beast, who drove a hand right through his chest and ripped out the amulet he kept inside his body.

Behind the Scenes[]

  • He was portrayed by Michael Chinyamurindi.
  • Although the second totem of light (both for the good and overall count) of the Ra-Tet Ashet displayed a vengful attitude when it comes to the slandering of what is important to him, he demonstrated such displeasure to hired thief Gwen Raiden when frustrated him.