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Artemis Jamison-Smythe was a Watcher-in-training and the twin sister of Athena "Nina" Jamison-Smythe.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Artemis was the daughter of two Watchers, Merrick and Helen Jamison-Smythe, and had a twin sister, Nina. When she was eight, her father had passed away, so Artemis, Nina, and their mother moved from California to Phoenix, Arizona, where they survived a house fire. With magical protection, Helen was able to rescue one of the twins at a time, and being chosen as last left Nina asthmatic.

Since then, the twins grew up in the grounds of the Watchers Academy, and would rarely see their mother anymore. Artemis excelled in her training to become a full Watcher, and was protective of her sister, who wasn't allowed to perform the same training. Although, Artemis did not pass one of the tests, in which she was not able to choose saving the world over her sister, and since then she was reduced to only perform errand works in the castle.

Artemis and her sister spent eight years in Ireland before the destruction of the Seed of Wonder, in 2006, when Nina was called as the last Slayer before the end of magic. Together with their friends, Artemis, Nina, Rhys Zabuto, Cillian, and Doug acted in both Shancoom and Dublin. They eventually discovered an enemy acting within the Council, the Watcher turned succubus Eve Silvera, who had already killed her great-uncle Bradford and the Slayer Cosmina Enescu. Protected by her sister, Artemis saw Nina sacrifice her own Slayer powers and let Eve absorve them instead.

Still, they were able to defeat Eve, close a newly open Hellmouth, and save the world. Artemis eventually left the Academy grounds with her girlfriend and fellow Watcher-in-training, Honora Wyndam-Pryce.[1]

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