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Artemia was a Slayer from ancient Greece. She was the mother of Alexandra.[1]


Artemia was named in honor of the goddess Artemis. She lived in a small village outside of Thebes with her husband and daughter.

One night after hunting, Artemia returned home to find her village destroyed and her husband dead after a raid by the maenads. Taking her daughter Alexandra with her, she fled to a nearby village. Sadly, before she arrived, the Father ordered the maenads to capture her, a task at which they succeeded after separating Artemia from her daughter.[1]

Artemia suffered greatly at the hands of both the maenads and the Father, until finally she was left to die alone in her cell. At that time, her daughter, then the vengeance demon Malice, came to her and attempted to grant Artemia her dying wish: to come back when she could be strong, and to taste the blood of the Father.[1]

This wish, however, would not come to pass for much longer than anticipated, for Malice was stripped of her powers during a battle in Arashmaharr.[1]


It would be thousands of years before Artemia received her revenge. Eventually, due in part to a young man named Kenny's ability to create tulpas, Malice's power returned, and the wish lived on. Artemia then began to take a role in the life of the young Potential Slayer Faith Lehane. Initially, Faith had terrible nightmares in which she relived the final days of Artemia's life. Over time, Artemia began to possess Faith during times of great stress or anger, aiding her in combat and often going too far in such battles, going beyond necessary violence.

Once Faith became the Slayer, Artemia gained more influence, possessing Faith more often. Eventually, Faith began to understand what was happening, and enlisted the help of both Kenny and her Watcher Diana Dormer to rid herself of Artemia's presence. The three were able to exorcise the former Slayer, but not before she had gotten the Father's mark tattooed on Faith's arm, insuring an confrontation between the two.[1]

Later, the Father kidnapped Diana Dormer, and lured Faith into a trap. Faith was captured and confronted the Father and broke free, castrated him and tasted his blood. In that moment, Artemia's spirit was with her, and the wish was fulfilled.[1]

Though Kakistos, the Father, survived the battle, Faith eventually finished him with the aid of Buffy Summers.[2]



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