April Fool was a formal clothing store in Sunnydale, located on Maple Court. It was previously called Dot and specialized in vintage clothing.[1]

History[edit | edit source]

In late 1998, while under the influence of the cursed Milkbar, Joyce Summers admired a "very Juice Newton" vintage coat in the window of Dot, but it was closed. Rupert Giles then shattered the glass and stole the coat for her and a hat for him.[2]

In 1999, the then named April Fool[3] was managed by Mrs. Finkle, when Cordelia Chase briefly took a job there in order to buy a dress for the Class of '99 Prom. Tucker Wells used the store to test a hellhound trained to attack people in formal clothing, resulted in the death of a client trying out a tux.[4]

Later in the same year, Buffy Summers admired a wedding dress displayed in the window store.[5]

In late 2000, Harmony Kendall broke into the store during a sale and killed the clerk in order to steal clothes.[6]

April Fool was presumably destroyed in 2003 alongside the entire town.[7]

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