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They want an apocalypse? We'll give 'em one. Anyone else who wants to run, do it now, because we just became an army. We just declared war. From now on, we won't just face our worst fears, we will seek them out.
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Apocalypse was a specific occurrence which had an exceptionally destructive effect. The final outcomes of doomsday events varied from a major disruption of human civilization,[5] to the extinction of human life,[1][6][7][8][9] to the destruction of Earth,[10][11] to the annihilation of the entire universe.[3][12]

Several events that almost caused an apocalypse were averted thanks to the efforts of the Scooby Gang[13][6][11][14][2][15][3][16] and the Angel Investigations team.[7][17][18] While some inevitably came to pass, such as the fall of Los Angeles[19] and the end of magic,[20] these heroes still fought to undo or prevent further damage from the apocalypses.[18][21]


Before 1996[]

When Acathla came forth to swallow the world, a virtuous knight prevented the apocalypse by stabbing and entombing the demon.[10]

When the Judge came forth to incinerate all of humanity, an army fought and dismembered the demon, finally stopping him.[1]

In 1932, the worshipers of Proserpexa attempted to destroy the world using her effigy, only to be stopped and killed by an earthquake that also swallowed her temple in Sunnydale.[8]

In 1936, the Master attempted to open Sunnydale's Hellmouth, but an earthquake interrupted the ritual and imprisoned the vampire.[13]


The Order of Aurelius attempted to free the Master by killing humans in the Harvest, which Buffy prevented by slaying Luke, the ritual's Vessel.[13]


With Moloch the Corruptor's unlimited power over the Internet, Buffy noted he had the power to use nuclear missiles; the Slayer severed his evil influence by killing him.[22]

After a number of portents announced his prophecized freedom, the Master rose and opened the Hellmouth; his death at Buffy's hands closed it again.[23]


Spike and Drusilla reassembled the Judge; in their reunion with Angel, the vampires led the Judge to incinerate humanity, begging with the local Sunnydale Mall. Buffy stopped the Judge's attack by exploding the demon, dismembering him once again.[6]

Angel awoke Acathla to suck the world into hell; with the vortex activated, Buffy killed Angel to deactivate it again.[11]

In the Wishverse, Buffy's absence allowed the Master to rise, and the Order of Aurelius achieved vampire supremacy over Sunnydale.[5]


The apocalypse cult Sisterhood of Jhe opened the Hellmouth, but the Scooby Gang fought back and closed it again.[14]

Mayor Wilkins performed his Ascension and became the Olvikan; the Scooby Gang stopped the Old One's massacre by killing him.[24]

The Scourge constructed the Beacon to annihilate all human life, including half-demons; Doyle sacrificed himself to destroy the artifact.[7]


Three Vahrall demons performed the Sacrifice of Three to open the Hellmouth, but Buffy rescued the third sacrifice and prevented the ritual's conclusion.[2]

Adam freed demons to fight Initiative soldiers for his plan to create an army of bio-mechanical demonoids with the corpses from both sides. The Scooby Gang defeated Adam and fought to lessen the number of casualties.[15]


Freezing of time by Gene Rainey.[17]

Opening of dimensional portals by Glorificus, bleeding all dimensions together in the Big Day.[3]


Willow, corrupted with dark magic, resurfaced the effigy of Proserpexa to eliminate all life on Earth. Xander's unconditional love for Willow reached her humanity and stopped her attempt.[8]


The continuous loss of the sun would cause the death of all living creatures.[9]

The First Evil had as his endgame the possession of mankind en masse and the destruction of the Slayer line.[25] The Scooby Gang and Potential Slayers fought its army of Turok-Hans, closing the Hellmouth and defeating the First Evil.[16]

Having already conquered Los Angeles, Jasmine was in her way to make all humanity lose its free will. The Angel Investigations team fought back when they awoke from her enchantment, and Connor killed Jasmine.[26]


Illyria intended to release the Army of Doom upon humanity, but she discovered her army was nothing more than ashes by that point.[27]

The self-destruction of Illyria would cause the destruction of the North American continent, but Wesley used the Mutari generator to keep her power's levels under control.[28]

Wolfram & Hart had an scheduled apocalypse with the Circle of the Black Thorn[29] since at least 2001.[30] In 2004, the Angel Investigations team killed each of the Circle's members to prevent them from even putting it into action.[31]

Wolfram & Hart brought forth the fall of Los Angeles, sending the entire city to hell.[19] Angel's eventual death made the Senior Partners create a temporal fold and undo this apocalypse.[18]


With the birth of Twilight, the Earth dimension began to crumble with natural disasters and the invasion of hordes of placenturian demons so the new dimension would take its place.[32][33] Buffy stopped this apocalypse by breaking the Seed of Wonder, severing the connection Earth had with other dimensions and ensuring that the Twilight prophecy would not come to pass.[20]

The destruction of the Seed of Wonder caused the end of magic, a major event that saw all forms of magic inaccessible from the Earth.[20] Magic was eventually restored after Willow created a new Seed in the Deeper Well.[12]


Wolfram & Hart intended to reopen dimensional portals with the TinCan website during the end of magic. However, its founder Theo Daniels contracted Deepscan to protect him from W&F and destroy its server, leaving the website offline.[34]

Severin planned to reverse Twilight, which would tear reality itself apart, but Illyria convinced him to instead redirect all of his powers into the new Seed of Wonder.[12]

Whistler, Pearl, and Nash caused an outbreak of a mystical plague that would kill a third of the world.[35] After seeing the painful effect of the plague ball over people around him, Whistler eventually came into his senses and sacrificed himself to use his body to shield the ball's explosion, sacrificing himself in the process.[36]


Hostile extradimensional demons filled the Earth through the Restless Door, in power of the Mistress, the Soul Glutton, and the Sculptor.[37]

Merging of the dimensions of Anharra and the Earth.[38]

D'Hoffryn's growing power with the death of fellow Magic Council members,[39] capture of the Vampyr book,[40] and his attempt to eliminate the power restrictions from vengeance demons.[41]

In Arashmaharr, Vengeance, L.L.C. had a board informing they were 32 days without an apocalypse.[41]

Archaeus's command over an army of vampires and the new magic from the Magic Town.[42]


The Pandora Project's success in absorbing all magic from all supernatural beings, leaving the power of a ruler to Joanna Wise.[43]


During the Reckoning, the last Slayer and her allies face an army of demons, who were banished to a hell dimension, while vampires were all but wiped up, devolving into lurks. The Slayer herself would also be gone, and no other called until the 23rd century.[44][45]

23rd century[]

Old Ones unleashed on Earth, beginning with the resurrected Neauth.[46]


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