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Note: This article is about the Anya from the 2019 comic series. For other uses, see Anya.
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While created as part of licensed material, it is not part of the original Buffyverse, but its own developed story.

Beasts and men are quite alike. Thinking only of themselves… never the world. Perhaps another customer, another day.

Anyanka was a vengeance demon, former Watcher,[2] and owner of the Magic Box shop[3] in the universe without shrimp.[4]


Early life[]

Living in Sweden, Anyanka used magic to transform her cheating lover into a troll and cause boils on his penis. D'Hoffryn joined her watching her house on fire and offered Anyanka, due to her talent and ingenuity, immortality as a demon of vengeance to act as patron saint of the women scorned. Understanding that her job would be killing more men, she promptly accepted.[2]

In the next century, Anyanka was the Watcher of the Slayer and had a shop with a training cellar. However, the Watchers Council unanimously condemned her behavior as "rebellious" and "out of line" for refusing to conspire on her Slayer's death. At twenty-two years old, Isabelle was considered too old to continue as a Slayer with "a brain far too calcified" by her Watcher's "insubordination." The Council expelled Anyanka and ordered her shop's destruction, so Isabelle would follow their instructions to her own death. Anyanka was the last woman to be a Slayer's Watcher.[2]

21st century[]

In 2019, the Watchers Council conspired the death of the current Slayer Morgan Palmer, who was twenty-five years old. She researched through the Slayer histories to find if anyone was able to escape them, but she found out about Anya, so she sought the vengeance demon in her shop in Cleveland intending to make a wish against her Watcher Stephen Reilly. However, Anya offered her an opportunity to affect the "bigger picture": going along with the Council's plan, Morgan would have more time to act and a future while they believed she was dead. Anya gave her a resurrection ring for the Slayer to wear during the ambush, then she recovered the Morgan's body and, destroying the ring's gem, brought her back to life.[2]

In Sunnydale, Anya sold magic items to various clients, including the law firm Wolfram & Hart. Although, the secret entrance was adamant in not accepting teenagers inside. Despite selling a magic necklace that granted a vampire invincibility, Anya deceived him when he grew ambitious and intended to buy the whole jewelry set for his clan. As he dusted, Anya remarked her distaste for the selfishness of both beasts and men.[5]

That night, Drusilla sought Anya demanding a magical item capable of making a vampire invincible. Attempting to convince Anya to give it to her, Drusilla tortured her by breaking various items of her magic shop, which accidentally freed Camazotz, the Destroyer of Vampires.[6] Anya explained that the creature was supposed to sleep until "needed," but she kept lots of things in her shop that did much worse; however, she did not take sides in the fight of good versus evil. She then lent Drusilla and Spike protective jewelry for them to attempt to capture the creature.[7]

Later that year, the Slayer Buffy Summers had a vampire guiding her to Anya's secret magic shop in search of the Anima Colligationem, a relic capable of tethering a soul to the stone itself. Not having it in her shop, Anya offered Buffy a map to the object instead, in exchange for the Slayer owning her a favor. Buffy accepted and left the shop. Soon after, Angel visited Anya after decades without seeing each other. He asked for the Anima Colligationem, but she informed him she had just given it to the Slayer.[8]

In October 28, 2019, Giles sought Anya in her shop announcing that the Hellmouth had been activated. She was preparing her merchandise to move out through a portal, so he asked for her help saving Sunnydale. Anya explained that she had seen cities fall before and nothing she had done worked; portents and prophecies were stronger than her. Giles then asked if these things were stronger than Anya, Giles, and Buffy together. Anya continued to move her boxes, but was touched when Giles mentioned Buffy being alone and not knowing what awaited her.[9]

In November 2019, Anya appeared to rescue Xander, Willow, and Kendra from a number of men and vampires who had formed a hive mind army ready to attack those in their way.[10] Anya guided the three through underground tunnels into the Tunaverse and explained that, despite Kendra being a Slayer, Buffy was alive in the Hellmouth. Anya gave Willow a weapon so the witch's powers would stop the oncoming men. Xander noticed that Willow was being consumed by her own power, which Anya explained that was due the soul tie leaving her, like Xander, struggling between two worlds; with Anya's signal, Xander sacrificed his soul back to Willow.[11]

The army of men fell, so Anya, Willow, Kendra, Rose, and Cordelia flew off on the Camazotz away from the Tunaverse[11] and into the Hellmouth, where Buffy was facing the Hellmother and an army of demons. Anya gave Buffy a sword then participated in the battle that finally defeated the Hellmother. Afterward, Giles sought Anya again, and this time she showed maps she gathered pointing where the Hellmouth had opened in other dimensions. When he questioned what could be done with two Slayers and that many Hellmouths, Anya told him that there was a third: the Slayer before Buffy.[12]

After Giles left, Anya met with Morgan in her shop in Cleveland. Anya gave Morgan a knife and announced that it was time for her to kill Stephen. She explained that the previous murders — the Council members Charles Burke and Raquel Bennett — were necessary for their plan to build a future not only for Morgan, but to all Slayers. Anya concluded that they should take down all the Watchers so they could never do to another Slayer what they did to Morgan ever again. Anya then accompanied Morgan and watched as the Slayer stabbed and killed Stephen.[2]

Powers and abilities[]

Immortality: Anyanka lived for centuries and still retained a youthful appearance.[2]

Shapeshifting: She was able to assume the form of a large winged creature at will, with red skin, strong build, long horns, and a tail.[13][2]