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Anya's Amulet was the green jeweled pendant worn by Anya during her time as a Vengeance demon. As was the case with all vengeance demons pendants, it was the source of all her demonic power. It was known as the "Symbol of Anyanka" as well as her "power center".


When Anyanka arrived at Sunnydale High School, her vengeance demon pendant attracted Cordelia Chase's attention, asking if it was from the luxury fashion company Gucci. Anya denied it and explained: "it's an actual old thing, sort of a luck charm my dad gave me."[1] The explanation hid the reality of it being a thousand years old magical amulet given by her leader D'Hoffryn.

Anya lent Cordelia the amulet, saying "I think you need this more than I do right now," while motivating her to make a wish. Once the wish was done, Cordelia appeared in an alternative reality still using the pendant, where Rupert Giles took it from her corpse in order to research it. In his books, Giles found out it was the Symbol of Anyanka, and that one should destroy her power center in order to defeat her, reversing all granted wishes and rendering her powerless — and human — again.

First unaware the vengeance demon's power center was her amulet, the Watcher invoked Anyanka, who appeared with her own pendant on her neck. While fighting, he noticed the amulet had an unnatural green glow, so he ripped her necklace and broke it with a paper weight against a table. The destruction of the Symbol brought the main reality back seconds before Cordelia's wish, but Anya had no power to comply with it anymore.[1]

Anya later tried to get her amulet back by performing a spell with Willow Rosenberg, but they were unable to do so.[2]

After Xander Harris left her at the alter, Anya was once more offered her job as a demon by D'Hoffryn. She accepted, and received her pendant, which she maintained under her shirt when she tried to trick the Scoobies into making a wish against Xander.[3] Her new amulet was a light green stone, with oval design and silver chain, similar to Halfrek's.[4]

The spirit Anya, a copy from Anya Jenkins, received her amulet when she also became a vengeance demon, having the original square design.[5]

Behind the Scenes

  • In "The Wish", Giles is seen in possession of this amulet, as he took it from Cordelia, but later it is suddenly being worn by Anyanka again. Although it could be two amulets from different dimensions[?], there was no explanation given as to how she retrieved it. If she was able to retrieve it somehow, what happened to the one that Giles retrieved from Cordelia and why was she not able to simply retrieve her amulet AGAIN in the same manner in Doppelgangland? It's very likely a continuity error.
  • In the novel version of the video game Chaos Bleeds, Xander defeats the alternate reality Anyanka by remembering Giles smashing the pendent and then doing the same with the alternate Anyanka's. This renders her human and she runs off unlike in the game itself where Xander kills her in combat.



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