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[...] you're working for Little Tony now. You'll find I'm stern but fair. Now let's go kill us a lady cop.
―Little Tony to a pair of criminals[src]

Tony Papazian (also known as Little Tony) was a dangerous crime boss of Los Angeles, and a former client of Wolfram & Hart until he attempted to murder Kate Lockley in a room full of witnesses.


Tony Papazian had risen in status to be a well known and feared crime boss by the time a Los Angeles county supervisor was murdered in an execution-style hit. Evidence was gathered to point toward Little Tony, who was in hiding when he was indicted for the murder, and was not able to be located for delivery of a subpoena and arrest. Kate Lockley was one of the many Los Angeles Police Department officers searching for Little Tony, and elected to use Angel and his ability to find people and not be hampered by the legalities that Kate is. Found at a pier 39 in San Pedro, Little Tony was distracted just long enough by Angel to be at the pier when the police, including Kate, arrive to arrest the crime boss.

In custody, Tony calls his lawyer, Lee Mercer, who works for Wolfram & Hart, who immediately begins to destroy the case, and question the means of arrest, knowing full well that Angel was there. It was during this time that Little Tony also made arrangements for the police officers in the station to undergo mandatory sensitivity training due to Kate's alleged treatment of her prisoners.

When an unnamed officer released the prisoners while under the spell, Tony gathered an impromptu gang of criminals who elected to arm themselves and siege the station, with Tony targeting Kate in revenge of his arrest and treatment at her hands. During the chaos, Tony confronts Kate, and is unable to carry out his plans because of Angel's interference, resulting him being unable to escape. In a phone call to his lawyer, Lee Mercer, Tony discovers that the Senior Partners have declared Tony to be a liability, and had therefore ordered the firm to terminate their relationship with him.

Behind the Scenes[]

  • He was portrayed by John Capodice.
  • He shares his surname with Robert Papazian, Jr., the second AD for this episode.