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Ano-Movic. Once a nomadic tribe. At one time they did have violent leanings... But they gave up those orthodox teachings, language, around the turn of the century. Now they own a number of restaurants with pretty expensive windows.

Ano-Movic demon was a nomadic and violent demon species that assimilated into human culture. Richard Straley and his family were members of this species.[1]

Physiology and abilities[]

Book AnoMovic

An illustration depicting an Ano-Movic demon.

Yeah, who wants a wife whose knees only bend the one way?
―Nick Straley[src]

Ano-Movic demons were humanoid in form, though they had red, scaly skin, eyes with red irises, and small horns growing from their eyebrows. Their knee articulation allowed Ano-Movic demons to bend their knees in more than one direction.[1]

Besides their morphological differences, Ano-Movic demons could assume human form,[1] like vampires[2] or vengeance demons.[3]

While they apparently possessed greater strength than humans, it was not as great as that of a vampire of Angel's age and strength. While three Ano-Movic demons were able to hold Angel down after taking him by surprise, he was nevertheless able to hold off a whole roomful of them with only slight help from Doyle when he went on the offensive.[1]


Ano movic femmes

Ano-Movic women in human form.

We don't flaunt our beliefs, but they're very dear to us.
John Straley[src]

Ano-Movic demons were once a violent tribe of nomadic demons who spoke their own language, Aratuscan. However, around the end of 19th century, they integrated into human western culture in order to blend in and became a peaceful species. Their language was considered dead and their rituals and practices were largely forgotten.[1]

However, Ano-Movic demons still practiced ancient rituals on occasion, written in their Accursed Books. While some rituals were no longer practiced, such as spilling the blood of a she-goat, the ritual of eating of the first spouse's brains when a clan member married a divorcee remained; it allowed the new spouse to incorporate all the love and affection from the previous relationship into their new marriage.[1]

Known demons[]