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There is evil all around us. You're strong on the outside but you must grow strong inside too. You must be able to recognize evil. To know it in your guts.
―Unidentified Watcher[src]

An unidentified man acted as the Watcher of the Slayer Anni in 1938.


This Watcher trained and guided Anni in the Nazi Germany. When she asked him whether there were things besides vampires that were evil, he told Anni there was always evil around them, and she should grow strong inside as well in order to learn to recognize evil.

His words proved their effect on Anni’s choice, when she finally recognized recognized her duty in fighting the evil the Nazis represented.[1]



  1. Sonnenblume

Preceded by:
Unknown, eventually Rachel O'Connor’s Watcher
Anni’s Watcher
Succeeded by:
Unknown, eventually
Bernard Crowley
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