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I finally recognize the real evil here. And now I will fight it. Now I will begin. Because I can't be like everyone else.

Anni, nicknamed Sonnenblume, was a Slayer active in 1938, Germany.


Anni was a member of the League of German Girls under Adolf Hitler's dictatorship. With her fifteenth birthday approaching, the Slayer wanted to be like everyone else. Guided by her Watcher, Anni understood that her duties as Slayer meant she had to fight evil and be the difference. Anni not only fought vampires, but Nazis as well.

During the Kristallnacht, the Night of Broken Glass, Anni decided to fight back, punching Nazis to save the Green family from being deported to a concentration camp.[1]



Preceded by:
unknown, presumably Rachel O'Connor
The Slayer
Succeeded by:
unknown, eventually Nikki Wood