Annabelle was a student at St. Cuthbert's. Prior to her human life was unknown. However, she etablishe that her parents generally don't care where she is. She was sired by Drusilla, working herself for Archaeus. Along with Shane and Blythe, she was employed for to harass Mary. Noticing the rivality between Meredith, Shane's girlfriend and Mary, she proposes to this last to help her against her nemesis. However, Mary, most frightened by Annabelle (in a manner, similar to Darla into Sunnydale), refuses. In returned, Annabelle and her friends harrassed her. Suspecting that the three girls murdered Meredith, Mary confronted them into cafeteria, under Faith Lehane and Winifred Burkle (disguized into gym teacher and lunch lady) eye's. Fred find they were vampires. Fearing that Mary tell to Faith that they were the real murderers, they attack Faith, unsuspecting her Slayer status and that she was into partnership with the veteran Fred. Her two friends dusted, Annabelle escaped them, informating Drusilla. She was latter dusted by Eldre Koh.


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