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You must learn to control your fear.

Annabelle (last name unknown) was a Potential Slayer from England.

She was a vegetarian with a preppy and admonishing attitude. She came to Sunnydale along with Rupert Giles and the potentials Kennedy and Molly during the the First Evil's attempt to destroy the Slayer line. She told the other potentials to control their fear during the crisis of the Turok-Han, but eventually let her own fear get the best of her. She fled and was the first Potential under Buffy Summers' protection to be killed.

She was buried in the woods by Buffy herself. Weeks later, Chloe's body would be buried next to Annabelle's.

Behind the Scenes[]

  • According to the shooting script of "Bring on the Night", she was a 16 year old upper-class Brit.