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While created as part of licensed material, it has not been confirmed as part of the "real" Buffyverse continuity.

Anna was the Slayer in an alternate future Buffy Summers witnessed.

She was the successor to the Slayer August, who was in turn the immediate successor to Faith since Faith had been killed a few months before Buffy's arrival in this alternate timeline. August was captured shortly after Buffy's arrival in the future, forcing Buffy to kill her in the subsequent fight. Anna's Watcher was the reinstated Wesley Wyndam-Pryce. Although Anna was initially resentful of Buffy, particularly after learning that August's death was the result of her attempt to force Buffy to kill her so that there was still a Slayer out there, she came to respect Buffy's abilities. During the final battle in Sunnydale, Anna was nearly killed taking out a nest with Wesley, but they were saved when Camazotz's death dissipated the vampires' extra power. While fighting Giles' army in the town hall, Wesley and Anna were cornered by vampires led by Jax and Wesley was killed. Xander slayed Jax and saved Anna at the cost of his own life before Willow used the sunlight to slay the remaining vampires. Buffy spent her last few hours in the future training with Anna after the vampire army had been vanquished.

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