Anharra was a Hell Dimension populated by the Anharrans Demons, a wild and bloodthirsty warrior race.

Anharra was originally a governed by a monarchy, established by the god-king Kerberon. However, when The Mistress and The Soul Glutton trapped Alexander Harris and Dawn Summers in the dimension, Kerberon was eliminated by Dawn using her Key powers. Dawn then became the goddess-queen and introduced the Anharrans Demons to architecture, theater and pacifism.

A branch of Wolfram & Hart was present in Anharra. Lilah Morgan appeared to be the head of it when Xander and Dawn arrived.

This world is similar to an prehistoric jungle with multiple swamps like Quor'toth. Like the Factory dimension, time moved much faster than on Earth. Acid rain (known as the Devouring Rain) was a common occurance in this dimension. Xander, however, introduced the concept of slanted roofs to the Anharrans, allieviating the problem somewhat..


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