Angie Hart is an Australian singer/songwriter best known as the lead singer of early 90s band Frente!. After moving to the US she became one half of pop-duo Splendid with her then husband Jesse Tobias.

Behind the Scenes

  • In 2002, Hart recorded and performed the song "Blue" for the episode "Conversations with Dead People". The song was co-written by Hart with Joss Whedon. As part of Splendid, Hart twice appeared on the show, performing Splendid's songs "Charge" and "You and Me". Splendid's song "Tomorrow We'll Wake" was also aired on Buffy as background music to a scene featuring Xander and Anya. She also sang backing vocals on Tara's song, "Under Your Spell" in "Once More, with Feeling", of which Tobias was co-music director.