Angelique Hawthorne was a British Slayer active in London for 2 years from 1895-1897.


Angelique Hawthorne had a rough childhood, she was 3rd of 5 children and her father left her family before she was born. She was raised in Shoreditch by her mother and uncle where they rented 2 feeble rooms for 8 shillings a week. When she was 7, she sold matches to help out her family and continued working odd jobs until she was 12.  When her uncle lost his job, she began working at a nearby factory and became the main source of income. When she was at work one day, vampires killed her entire family, she was devestated and alone. 

At some point following the death of her family, Angelique was identified as a Potential Slayer and assigned a Watcher, Peter Van Helsing (the brother of vampire hunter Abraham Van Helsing).

Angelique was activated as the Slayer in 1895, her first duty as the Slayer was to kill the vampires who murdered her family. Angelique lived with her Watcher in a nice home in a wealthy London neighborhood. This home housed "the Lair" which was a subcellar beneath the house where Peter kept weapons, books and Angelique trained in a state of the art makeshift gymnasium set up by the Watcher's Council. Angelique was trained in and proficient in various fighting techniques such as baritsu, La Canne, and other classic fighting styles as well as how to use weapons for fencing and was skilled with the bayonet. Angelique was rare among Slayers in that she kept a group of friends close to her; they were Molly Carrington, a former novitiate (nun in training), Patch and Gordon Mycroft. Despite not having the approval of her Watcher, Angelique maintained the belief that personal relationships outside of slaying helped her maintain her focus.

By 1897, Angelique was hunting a demon who was wreaking havoc on London under the guise of Springheel Jack. Also at this time, mysterious vampiric murders were happening amongst the London upper class; these killings turned out to be the work of the legendary Dracula, who had set his sights on the Slayer. While investigating his lair, Molly was captured by minions of Dracula who eventually killed and sired the girl. Angelique killed her former friend and did battle with Dracula at the infamous Madame Tussaud's wax museum. After a brief battle, Angelique trapped Dracula in wax mixed with holy water, where he remained for an undetermined amount of time before escaping. After this encounter and afraid of losing anyone else, she sent away Gordon and Patch to keep them safe and continued slaying only with her Watcher by her side. She died at some point in 1897.

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