Principal Cast

In order of character appearances
David Boreanaz as Angel (22/22)
Charisma Carpenter as Cordelia Chase (22/22)
Alexis Denisof as Wesley Wyndam-Pryce (22/22)
J. August Richards as Charles Gunn (22/22)
Amy Acker as Winifred Burkle (22/22)
Vincent Kartheiser as Connor (22/22)
Andy Hallett as Lorne (21/22) (Does not appear in "Ground State")

Recurring Cast

In order of character appearances
Stephanie Romanov as Lilah Morgan (10/22)
Vladimir Kulich as The Beast (8/22)
Gina Torres as Jasmine (5/22)
Alexa Davalos as Gwen Raiden (3/22)
Eliza Dushku as Faith Lehane (3/22)
Daniel Dae Kim as Gavin Park (3/22)
Roger Yuan as Wo-Pang (2/22)
Jim Abele as Laurence Reilly (1/22)
Julie Benz as Darla (1/22)
David Denman as Skip (1/22)
Adrienne Brett Evans as Colleen Reilly (1/22)
Alyson Hannigan as Willow Rosenberg (1/22)
Laurel Holloman as Justine Cooper (1/22)
John Rubinstein as Linwood Murrow (1/22)

List of Episodes

Title Original Airdate Production Code Number
"Deep Down" October 06, 2002 4ADH01 67 4x01
Angel is trapped on the ocean floor and Cordelia stuck on a mystical plane.
"Ground State" October 13, 2002 4ADH02 68 4x02
Angel, Fred and Gunn break into an auction house to get the object, but a cat burglar named Gwen, who possesses the power to control electricity, has the same intentions.
"The House Always Wins" October 20, 2002 4ADH03 69 4x03
Angel decides to take Gunn and Fred on a road trip to Vegas to visit Lorne, who is being blackmailed to help a manager steal people's destinies.
"Slouching Toward Bethlehem" October 27, 2002 4ADH04 70 4x04
Cordelia returns but has no memory of who she is.
"Supersymmetry" November 03, 2002 4ADH05 71 4x05
Fred's article is published and she's invited to speak at a symposium where a portal opens.
"Spin the Bottle" November 10, 2002 4ADH06 72 4x06
Lorne attempts a spell on Cordelia to restore her memory, which results in the gang reverting to their seventeen-year-old memories.
"Apocalypse, Nowish" November 17, 2002 4ADH07 73 4x07
Cordelia's apocalyptic nightmares become a reality as a powerful demon emerges in L.A.
"Habeas Corpses" January 15, 2003 4ADH08 74 4x08
Angel learns that Connor is trapped in Wolfram and Hart, which is under attack from the Beast.
"Long Day's Journey" January 22, 2003 4ADH09 75 4x09
The gang learns that the answer to stopping The Beast is "among them", they suspect Connor. Meanwhile, Gwen returns, and the gang learn that the Beast intends to blot out the sun.
"Awakening" January 29, 2003 4ADH10 76 4x10
In an attempt to locate The Beast and restore the sun, Wesley brings in a dark mystic to extract Angel's soul.
"Soulless" February 5, 2003 4ADH11 77 4x11
Angelus is interrogated by Wesley and co as they attempt to find out how to kill The Beast.
"Calvary" February 12, 2003 4ADH12 78 4x12
The gang discover The Beast is working for a much more powerful Master, who is far closer to home than they realise.
"Salvage" March 5, 2003 4ADH13 79 4x13
Wesley releases Faith from prison to help capture Angelus, who is himself going after the Beast.
Crossover: Another prisoner uses a Bringer's knife to attack Faith. Angelus calls Dawn Summers to find out if Buffy is still in Sunnydale.
"Release" March 12, 2003 4ADH14 80 4x14
Angelus continues his search for the Beast's Master as Faith attempts to find a way to contain Angelus.
"Orpheus" March 19, 2003 4ADH15 81 4x15
Willow is called in to restore Angel's soul. Meanwhile, while in their comas, Angelus and Faith experience flashbacks of Angel's good deeds over the centuries, culminating in a mental showdown between Angel and Angelus.
Crossover: Willow visits from Sunnydale, after receiving a phone call, from Fred, in "Lies My Parents Told Me". Faith returns, with Willow, to Sunnydale in "Dirty Girls".
"Players" March 26, 2003 4ADH16 82 4x16
Gwen enlists Gunn's help to rescue a kidnapped girl while Lorne attempts a ritual to restore his empathic powers.
"Inside Out" April 2, 2003 4ADH17 83 4x17
The gang learns of a higher being's plan to give birth to itself through Cordelia, and Connor receives a visit from the spirit of his deceased mother, Darla.
"Shiny Happy People" April 9, 2003 4ADH18 84 4x18
As Cordelia lies in a coma following her demonic delivery, the rest of the gang becomes acquainted with---and enchanted by---her unexpected offspring, Jasmine.
"The Magic Bullet" April 16, 2003 4ADH19 85 4x19
After discovering the secret to breaking Jasmine's spell over the nation's citizens, Fred must find a way to save the others before she's captured and killed.
"Sacrifice" April 23, 2003 4ADH20 86 4x20
Free from Jasmine's spell, Angel and the gang escape into the sewers for protection, where Wesley discovers an insect-like demon that may hold the key to defeating Jasmine.
"Peace Out" April 30, 2003 4ADH21 87 4x21
Connor goes in search of the missing Cordelia, while Angel travels to another dimension in search of Jasmine's true name.
"Home" May 7, 2003 4ADH22 88 4x22
With Jasmine defeated, Angel and the gang are made an offer they can't refuse from W&H, and Connor goes over the edge into madness.
Crossover: Angel goes to Sunnydale after this episode, arriving in the Buffy episode "End of Days", to deliver a special amulet.
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