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The third season of Angel originally aired on The WB from September 24, 2001 to May 20, 2002, earlier than the sixth season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.


Even as Angel mourns the death of Buffy, Darla makes her way to L.A. with a mysterious new life growing within her. Now thrust into a role he never imagined, Angel needs the assistance of the Angel Investigations team more than ever. But while Cordelia, Gunn and Fred rally round the new dad, an ancient and deadly prophecy convinces Wesley to commit the ultimate betrayal.[1]


To get over the loss of Buffy, Angel spends three months in a Sri Lankan monastery, where he fights some demon monks. He returns to Los Angeles,[2] as does Darla — now heavily pregnant. This has never happened to a vampire before, and no one — not Angel's gang nor Wolfram & Hart — can understand why it has happened now. Prophecies reveal that a death will take place at the moment of the child's birth; he cannot be born through conventional means.[3] It appears that the unborn boy might perish, but instead Darla sacrifices her life to give birth to Angel's son, Connor.[4]

The gang is willing and eager to care for the infant,[5] but Wesley soon learns of a frightening prophecy that suggests that Angel will murder his son.[6] Fearing that Angel cannot bear the truth and feeling disconnected from the new couple, Gunn and Fred, Wesley does not share this information, and quietly kidnaps Connor. This backfires as he is attacked and the child is seized by an old enemy named Holtz, whose family Angelus and Darla slaughtered two hundred years ago. Holtz escapes through a portal to the dimension of Quor'toth.[7]

Angel feels that his son is lost forever. He attacks Wesley and banishes him from the group. It is later revealed that the prophecy which spurred the kidnapping is false. It was created by a demon, Sahjhan, that is destined to be killed by Connor.[8] Connor eventually comes back as a teenage boy, having been raised by Holtz in a dimension where time moves more quickly and taught by his surrogate father that Angel is still the evil vampire Angelus that Holtz once knew.[9] In order to gain his final revenge on Angel, the now elderly Holtz has his closest follower, Justine, kill him to frame Angel.[10]

The grieving Connor uses his inherited super-strength and his father's unsuspecting love to defeat Angel and imprison him in a casket on the bottom of the ocean. Cordelia, who had planned a romantic rendezvous with Angel, disappears the same night, having been elevated by the Powers That Be to a higher plane. Meanwhile, Lorne leaves for Las Vegas to pursue a singing career. This leaves a very confused Fred and Gunn to carry on at Angel Investigations.[11]





No. Image Title Air date
01 Heartthob Angel 01 "Heartthrob" September 24, 2001
Writer: David Greenwalt Director: David Greenwalt
On a routine patrol, Angel stakes a female vampire he recognizes from his past, but a moment too late. Her grief-stricken lover, Angel's old fighting buddy, is out for revenge for the present killing and a betrayal Angelus committed over 200 years ago.
02 ThatVisionThing Main "That Vision-Thing" October 1, 2001
Writer: Jeffrey Bell Director: Bill L. Norton
Angel must team up with the dark side to stop a psychic hacker from killing Cordelia with her own violent visions that are leaving her burned, scaly and frightened for her life.
03 TOGoM Gio "That Old Gang of Mine" October 8, 2001
Writer: Tim Minear Director: Fred Keller
Angel comes face-to-face with Gunn's old demon-hunting crew who at one time considered Gunn a hero, but now view him a traitor and want to see Angel dead.
04 Angel 3x04 "Carpe Noctem" October 15, 2001
Writer: Scott Murphy Director: James A. Contner
An old man casts a body-switching spell on Angel, and the old man enjoys the many pleasures of being eternally young, handsome and bloodthirsty in Los Angeles while a dying Angel tries to get his body back.
05 Fredless Main "Fredless" October 22, 2001
Writer: Mere Smith Director: Marita Grabiak
Angel goes into full detective mode when Fred's parents unexpectedly arrive in Los Angeles to bring Fred home, but their appearance inexplicably sends her into a tailspin and on the run.
06 Billy Main "Billy" October 29, 2001
Writers: Tim Minear, Jeffrey Bell Director: David Grossman
Violence erupts within Angel's gang as a demonic boy brings primal rage to the surface of men, turning them hateful and murderous towards women. As Wesley and Gunn turn on a frightened Fred, Cordelia fears the onslaught of Angel's dark side.
07 Offspring main "Offspring" November 5, 2001
Writer: David Greenwalt Director: Turi Meyer
Angel comes face-to-face with the consequences of his night of passion when Darla arrives on his doorstep inexplicably pregnant. While Angel tortures himself over the decision whether or not to destroy the demon seed, the gang uncovers a prophecy that predicts the arrival of a great evil which will bring about the ruination of mankind.
08 AngelQuickening3 "Quickening" November 12, 2001
Writer: Jeffrey Bell Director: Skip Schoolnik
Angel must do everything in his power to protect Darla and their unborn child when Wolfram & Hart launches a full attack to take mother and baby, in addition to a vampire cult who believe the baby is The Miracle Child.
09 A3x09 Angel "Lullaby" November 19, 2001
Writer: Tim Minear Director: Tim Minear
As Darla violently begins childbirth, Angel faces the responsibility of becoming a father and the possibilities of what miracle or destruction this new being may bring to the world.
10 Dad Angel Connor 02 "Dad" December 10, 2001
Writer: David Goodman Director: Fred Keller
Angel discovers how hard it is being a new dad — especially when the demon underworld is after your newborn son.
11 Cordy! "Birthday" January 14, 2002
Writer: Mere Smith Director: Michael Grossman
On her birthday, Cordelia's visions become so painful that they propel her into an astral state and a life-threatening coma. Visited by a demon guide, astral Cordy is mystically granted the opportunity to live her dream of a rich and famous actress if she is willing to give up her history with Angel and her visions.
12 Provider Main "Provider" January 21, 2002
Writer: Scott Murphy Director: Bill L. Norton
Cordelia worries that Angel has lost sight of their mission to help the helpless when he becomes obsessed with making money in order to provide for the baby's future and takes on too many cases.
13 A3x13 Wesley Fred "Waiting in the Wings" February 4, 2002
Writer: Joss Whedon Director: Joss Whedon
Angel takes the gang out for an evening at the ballet, but becomes suspicious when the prima ballerina is one he saw dance more than a century ago. When Angel and Cordelia sneak backstage to investigate, they find themselves consumed with an overwhelming passion for one another as the spirits of unrequited lovers take over.
14 Couplet Groosalugg Angel "Couplet" February 18, 2002
Writers: Tim Minear, Jeffrey Bell Director: Tim Minear
Angel feels isolated, obsolete and even a bit jealous when Groosalugg arrives in town from Pylea and immediately saves the gang in battle and is welcomed into the loving arms of his former princess, Cordelia.
15 A3x15 Angel Connor 02 "Loyalty" February 25, 2002
Writer: Mere Smith Director: James A. Contner
Angel is concerned about Wesley's erratic behavior when the book man's greatest fears are secretly confirmed — the prophecy is true and he is given the three signs to look for before Angel devours his own son. When an earthquake shakes Los Angeles, all three signs come true.
16 SleepTight Main "Sleep Tight" March 4, 2002
Writer: David Greenwalt Director: Terrence O'Hara
Angel's angry behavior and sudden cravings for human blood frighten Wesley enough for him to kidnap the baby to keep him safe. Unfortunately, Wesley's plan to protect Connor falls apart when Holtz takes the child for revenge against Angel.
17 Forgiving Main "Forgiving" April 15, 2002
Writer: Jeffrey Bell Director: Turi Meyer
Angel is a man out for revenge to get back at Wesley for kidnapping Connor and turning him over to their enemies. While Fred and Gunn try to reason with him, Angel conjures dark magic and risks ripping right through the fabric of reality to find his lost son.
18 DoubleorNothing Main "Double or Nothing" April 22, 2002
Writer: David Goodman Director: David Goodman
Angel puts his soul on the line when a repo man comes to collect on Gunn's past deal to sell his soul. Meanwhile, Cordy is back from vacation and tries to console Angel over the loss of the only child he will ever have, and Fred tells Wesley that the prophecy was a fake and all was lost for nothing.
19 The Price Main "The Price" April 29, 2002
Writer: David Fury Director: Marita Grabiak
Angel must pay for using powerful dark magic in his failed attempt to bring back his son, and the hotel becomes infected with deadly slug-like creatures who invade Fred's body, leaving Wesley as Gunn's only hope to turn to save her. Meanwhile, Cordelia experiences a new and shocking power and they learn of the coming of The Destroyer determined to kill Angel.
20 A3x20 Connor 02 "A New World" May 6, 2002
Writer: Jeffrey Bell Director: Tim Minear
Angel's son Connor is brought back from the Hell dimension a feral teenage warrior, and is hellbent on vengeance against his father for his evil past.
21 Benediction Angel Fred Gunn Cordelia Lorne 02 "Benediction" May 13, 2002
Writer: Tim Minear Director: Tim Minear
After a violent reunion, Angel finds himself battling vampires with his now teenaged son Connor by his side. Meanwhile, Fred and Gunn distract Connor so Angel can confront Holtz for stealing his son.
22 A3x22 Tomorrow "Tomorrow" May 20, 2002
Writer: David Greenwalt Director: David Greenwalt
The joyful reunion between Angel and his now teenage son Connor is short-lived when the enraged Connor comes seeking revenge against Angel for murder. Meanwhile, just at the moment when Cordelia and Angel are finally ready to face their feelings for each other, she is sent a message that it's time for her to leave this world and to move on to another.

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