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Angel novels are Angel tie-ins prose books. Mostly original stories, the series also included a novelization and an anthology of short stories.

These titles were published under Pocket Books imprint of Simon & Schuster since 1999, which continued to produce Angel novels until 2004. With the exception of miniseries, there’s no sequence in relation to one novel to another. Each book acts like a story to happen in various chronological places of the television series, although with nonexistent or dubious canon value.

Main series

Solo novels published by Simon & Schuster.

City of novel Not Forgotten Redemption Close to the Ground Shakedown
"City of" "Not Forgotten" "Redemption" "Close to the Ground" "Shakedown"
Hollywood Noir Avatar Soul Trade Bruja The Summoned
"Hollywood Noir" "Avatar" "Soul Trade" "Bruja" "The Summoned"
Haunted novel Image Stranger to the Sun Vengeance Endangered Species
"Haunted" "Image" "Stranger to the Sun" "Vengeance" "Endangered Species"
The Longest Night Impressions Sanctuary novel Fearless Solitary Man
"The Longest Night" "Impressions" "Sanctuary" "Fearless" "Solitary Man"
Nemesis Dark Mirror Monolith Book of the Dead Love and Death
"Nemesis" "Dark Mirror" "Monolith" "Book of the Dead" "Love and Death"

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