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Angel Comic Books
Angel Omnibus
Angel omnibus dark horse cover
Publication date July 06, 2011
Published by Dark Horse Comics
Creative Team
Written by various
Artist(s) various
Penciller(s) various
Inker(s) Andy Owens
Colorist(s) various
Comic Book Collections
publication order
Buffy: Omnibus: Volume 7

Angel Omnibus Dark Horse is a trade paperback collection that contain all of Dark Horse's Angel comics in chronological order.


From the back cover
Heralding the return of Angel to Dark Horse Comics!

Angel, the vampire with a soul, left Buffy back in Sunnydale and set up shop in Los Angeles; there, he faced down all the darkness he could find in the city of lights, in his ongoing fight for redemption.

Collecting all of Dark Horse’s Angel comics to date, this single volume features miniseries and one-shots by series creator Joss Whedon, as well as Brett Matthews (Serenity: Those Left Behind), Christopher Golden (Baltimore), Tom Sniegoski (Buffy The Vampire Slayer), and David Fury (Buffy television series, Lost, 24).

Set during Season 1 and 2 if the Angel Television Series, favorite characters appear - Cordelia, Doyle, Wes, Gunn - as the investigations of LA's vampire detective agency delve into all that is dark, grotesque, strange, and unexplainable. Angel faces demonic rats, bizarre deaths from spontaneous combusion, Hollywood demons, angry spirits, zombies, and more!


Behind the Scenes

  • The image of Cordelia on the cover is actually an illustration of Charisma Carpenter taken from a promotional photo for her guest stint on Charmed.
  • The short story "Angel: Untitled" is the only short story not included in any Omnibus.
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