Angel Magazine was a periodic on the Angel series. Published by Titan Magazines, it featured exclusive content such as interviews with cast and crew, and news on upcoming events; as well as thematic articles and characters’ posters.


Angel Magazine began in September 2003 as a bi-monthly publication. In September 2004, in its eleventh issue, it changed its title to Angel featuring Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which was maintained until its final issue.



Cover A Cover B Issue Release
Angel Magazine 1A Angel Magazine 1B 1 November/December 2003
David Boreanaz: Angel’s leading man reveals what lies ahead & more! Season Five secrets: Set report on first Season Five episode! L.A. story: Complete guide to the series so far. Bad boy: exclusive Connor interview. Season Five secrets: Exclusive Angel set report.
Angel Magazine 2A Angel Magazine 2B 2 January/February 2004
James Marsters: Angel’s Spike on his move to L.A., Season Five and more! Go Wes! Alexis Denisof on Wes’ lovelife and more! Gunn interview: Exclusive chat with J. August Richards! The Fred test: Find out if you’re as clever as Fred! Exclusive interviews! Behind-the-scenes features! Free poster!
Angel Magazine 3A Angel Magazine 3B 3 March/April 2004
Sweet Harmony? Exclusive interview with Mercedes McNab. The Cordy guide: Cordelia’s acting tips! The incredible host: Andy Hallett on Season Five, Monster Lorne and lots more! Bad girl: Sarah Thompson discusses Eve. David directs! Set report on David Boreanaz’ Angel episode. Inside: Win Angel DVDs and DVD player! Free poster!
Angel Magazine 4A Angel Magazine 4B 4 May/June 2004
The A-Team! The Angel cast reveal their thoughts on the latest season of the show. Set report: Go behind the scenes on exciting Angel episode! Fallen Angel: Exclusive! Angel exec producer on the WB’s shock decision. Tom Lenk: Buffy’s Andrew discusses his visit to L.A. Cordelia! Wesley! Angel party gossip! Free poster!
Angel Magazine 5A Angel Magazine 5B 5 July/August 2004
Dark angel: Amy Acker discusses Fred’s amazing transformation! Angel’s angels! Darla and Dru interviewed! Mad Slayer! Dana from "Damage" interviewed! Set report: Behind the scenes on shocking Angel episode. Exclusive interviews! Win Angel novels! Free posters!
Angel Magazine 6A Angel Magazine 6B 6 November/December 2004
Spike interview: James Marsters discusses the end of the show and much more! Fighting talk: Get ready to rumble with the Angel stuntmen! Christian Kane: Lindsey McDonald actor speaks! Vampires! The essential facts. Joss Whedon on Angel TV-movies and Firefly!
Angel Magazine 7A Angel Magazine 7B 7 January/February 2005
David Boreanaz: Series star on the past, present and future of Angel. Gina Torres: Jasmine actress on Angel and upcoming Firefly movie. Angel SFX: Special effects department reveal secrets. Angel’s future: David Boreanaz and Charisma Carpenter discuss TV movies. Meet Mr Boreanaz: David’s dad on ow his son found fame. No angels: Top 20 Angel villains revealed.
Angel Magazine 8A Angel Magazine 8B 8 March/April 2005
The Best of Angel: The top 25 Angel episodes — as voted for by you! Spike v Angel: Who will win? Find out inside! TV movie news! Win Spike!!! (Action figures!) Words of Wesley: Alexis Denisof on his character’s incredible journey and his own future. The way of the Gunn: J. August Richards on his Angel experiences.
Angel Magazine 9A Angel Magazine 9B 9 May/June 2005
Amy Acker: Fred/Illyria actress reveals the best Angel kisser and more! The vicious circle: Meet the real Circle of the Black Thorn. Angel resurrected! Angel saga to continue! Full details inside! Spike quiz! Are you the ultimate Spike fan? Find out in our special quiz! Exciting Angel news inside! Free poster!
Angel Magazine 10A Angel Magazine 10B 10 July/August 2005
Angel reborn! The inside scoop on Angel’s new adventures! Angel delights: Special look at the funniest Angel moments! David Boreanaz: On eight years of playing Angel. James Marsters! Spike actor interviewed! Darla and Drusilla interviews! Free posters!
Angel Magazine 11A Angel Magazine 11B 11 September/October 2005
This month in Angel Magazine we hear from everyone’s favorite blond bombshell, Spike, a.k.a. James Marsters. Having spent time in Sunnydale and with Team Angel in L.A., he’ll be regaling us with his memories of Buffy and Angel! Plus, if your memory’s starting to play tricks on you and you can’t remember who was the first vampire on Buffy or when Fred was rescued from Pylea, you won’t want to miss the second part of our Buffy/Angel time line!
Angel Magazine 12A Angel Magazine 12B 12 November/December 2005
Charisma Carpenter heads back to L.A. and talks about life on Buffy and Angel, and her latest film and TV projects. Exclusive interviews with Kali Rocha (Halfrek) and Christian Kane (Lindsey McDonald), and there are bruises aplenty as we go behind the scenes with the Buffy and Angel stunt teams!
Angel Magazine 13A Angel Magazine 13B 13 March/April 2006
Catch up with all the latest news and interviews from the world of Buffy and Angel. In this months issue, an exclusive chat with Emma Caulfield (Anya), and Amy Acker (Fred) discusses Angel and her new projects. Plus, love is in the air with an examination of Angels greatest love triangles!
Angel Magazine 14A Angel Magazine 14B 14 May/June 2006
It’s the brawn and the brain, as this month J. August Richards joins us for an exclusive interview and we speak to everyone’s favorite nerd, Danny Strong. Plus, we learn the incredible fight secrets with the Buffy and Angel stunt team, and we count down our top ten recurring characters.
Angel Magazine 15A Angel Magazine 15B 15 July/August 2006
The vampire with a soul is back as we chat exclusively to David Boreanaz about his new movie and smash-hit TV show, Bones. Plus, James Leary, otherwise known as Clem, drops by to recall his time as everyone’s favorite demon, and we decipher the dreams from Buffy and Angel.
Angel Magazine 16A Angel Magazine 16B 16 September/October 2006
It’s not easy being green, but Andy Hallett sure made it look fun, and the popular actor drops by to chat in the latest Buffy & Angel magazine. Plus, get up close and personal with crazy vampire Drusilla, and count down the top 20 vampire slayings.
Angel Magazine 17A Angel Magazine 17B 17 November/December 2006
This month’s Angel Magazine, featuring Buffy, includes an exclusive interview with everyone’s favorite teenager, Connor, a.k.a. Vincent Kartheiser, about life on Angel. Plus, Marc Blucas talks about his latest projects, a one-to-one chat with Eve(il) Sarah Thompson, and a countdown of the top 10 recurring characters!
18 January/February 2007
The original Vampire with a soul is back this month as Angel Magazine brings you an exclusive interview with Angel actor David Boreanaz! Plus, we continue our catch-up with Anthony Stewart Head and it’s a battle of the sexes as we examine how Buffy turned the stereotypes around.


Cover A Cover B Release
Angel Yearbook 2004A Angel Yearbook 2004B 2004
The official 2004 Angel Yearbook: 100-page special! Cast that: Angel, Spike, Wes, Fred, Gunn, Lorne, Connor — all interviewed! Massive Season Five guide: Your essential companion to the last season of the show! The final night: Exclusive report on filming the final ever Angel scene! Puppet show! "Smile Time" writers discuss classic episode!
Yearbook 2006A Yearbook 2006B 2006
The official Buffy & Angel Yearbook: 100 page special. The best of the Buffyverse: Exclusive interviews! David Boreanaz, Nick Brendon, Amy Acker & Andy Hallett. Joss Whedon: Exclusive catch up with the Buffy and Angel creator!


In 2008, Eaglemoss Publications released a Buffy/Angel DVD and magazine collection, in the United Kingdom.

In 2015, Titan Books published "Angel: The Official Collection", a series of two books collecting reports and cast interviews from the original magazines by theme.

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