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The Angel Investigations offices were the original headquarters of the Angel Investigations team during the time shortly after Angel moved to Los Angeles. Below the offices were Angel's living quarters. The office consisted of an outside reception area complete with a couch and Cordelia's desk. Then a door which led to Angel's executive office and eventually Angel's apartment.

Angel Investigations office.

The demon Vocah, as part of Wolfram & Hart's crusade against 

part of reception area

Angel, planted a bomb in the building that completely leveled it. Afterward, Cordelia's apartment served as the Angel Investigations team's headquarters until Angel came across the Hyperion Hotel.[1]

Behind the Scenes

  • Producer David Greenwalt said they decided to blow up the Angel Investigations at the end of this episode because the sets were uncomfortably cramped when filming.
  • Fanmade floorplan
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A client in Angel's office.