The fifth and final season of Angel originally aired on the WB from October 1, 2003 to May 19, 2004. As well as being the closing season of Angel, it is the final Buffyverse television season.


Principal Cast

In order of character appearances
David Boreanaz as Angel (22/22)
J. August Richards as Charles Gunn (22/22)
Amy Acker as Winifred Burkle/Illyria (22/22)
Andy Hallett as Lorne (22/22)
James Marsters as Spike (22/22)
Alexis Denisof as Wesley Wyndam-Pryce (21/22) (Does not appear in "Destiny")
Mercedes McNab as Harmony Kendall (16/22) (Does not appear in "Unleashed", "Hell Bound", "The Cautionary Tale of Numero Cinco", "Lineage", "Why We Fight" and "A Hole in the World")

Recurring Cast

In order of character appearances
Sarah Thompson as Eve (10/22)
Christian Kane as Lindsey McDonald (6/22) (Uncredited in "Destiny" and "Soul Purpose")
Jonathan M. Woodward as Knox (6/22)
Adam Baldwin as Marcus Hamilton (5/22)
Dennis Christopher as Cyvus Vail (3/22)
Marc Colson as Izzerial (3/22)
Leland Crooke as Archduke Sebassis (3/22)
Jennifer Griffin as Trish Burkle (3/22)
Gary Grubbs as Roger Burkle (3/22) (Uncredited in "Shells")
Jenny Mollen as Nina Ash (3/22)
Marc Vann as Sparrow (3/22)
Jeff Yahger as Ed (3/22)
T.J. Thyne as Unnamed lawyer (3/22)
Vincent Kartheiser as Connor (2/22)
Juliet Landau as Drusilla (2/22)
Tom Lenk as Andrew Wells (2/22)
Alec Newman as Drogyn (2/22)
Stacey Travis as Senator Helen Brucker (2/22)
Jim Abele as Laurence Reilly (1/22)
Julie Benz as Darla (1/22)
Charisma Carpenter as Cordelia Chase (1/22)
Jack Conley as Sahjhan (1/22)
Adrienne Brett Evans as Colleen Reilly (1/22)
Julia Lee as Anne Steele (1/22)

List of Episodes

Title Original Airdate Production Code Number
"Conviction" October 1, 2003 5ADH01 89 5x01
Taking over the LA offices of Wolfram & Hart proves to be more challenging than expected, especially when Spike show up back from the dead, out from the amulet that is supposed to be buried deep within the hellmouth.

Crossover: In the last scene, the amulet is mysteriously returned from the battle at Sunnydale's Hellmouth; as featured in the Buffy episode "Chosen". Spike then materializes in the office.

"Just Rewards" October 8, 2003 5ADH02 90 5x02
Spike tries to adjust to L.A. life as a ghost while the gang deals with a disgruntled client who has power over the dead.
"Unleashed" October 15, 2003 5ADH03 91 5x03
Angel tries to protect a woman named Nina, who has been recently bitten by a werewolf, from a group of people who want to dine on werewolf flesh.
"Hell Bound" October 22, 2003 5ADH04 92 5x04
Spike struggles to maintain his weak grip on reality as spectral forces threaten to send him to hell, and Fred races to find a way to give him his body back.
"Life of the Party" October 29, 2003 5ADH05 93 5x05
Lorne works around the clock to throw the ultimate Halloween party at Wolfram & Hart, but problems arise when he has his sleep removed.
"The Cautionary Tale of Numero Cinco" November 5, 2003 5ADH06 94 5x06
As he questions his own role as a champion, Angel must track down a retired wrestler hero to help him defeat Tezcatcatl, an Aztec demon.
"Lineage" November 12, 2003 5ADH07 95 5x07
W&H is under attack from cyborg assassins, and Wesley is surprised by the unannounced arrival of his estranged father.
"Destiny" November 19, 2003 5ADH08 96 5x08
Spike is recorporealized, and the two souled vampires battle it out to drink from the "Cup of Perpetual Torment" to settle the renewed conflict of the Shanshu Prophecy.
"Harm's Way" January 14, 2004 5ADH09 97 5x09
Already feeling unappreciated at work, Harmony's life in the office gets worse when it appears she has murdered a key player in demonic peace talks.
"Soul Purpose" January 21, 2004 5ADH10 98 5x10
Someone approaches Spike claiming responsibility for recorporealizing him, and Angel is infected by a parasite that makes him experience nightmares where Spike is the champion and he is ignored.
The only episode to have been directed by a cast member (David Boreanaz)
"Damage" January 28, 2004 5ADH11 99 5x11
Angel and Spike hunt a psychotic Slayer who has escaped from an institution and believes that Spike is the man who drove her insane.
"You're Welcome" February 4, 2004 5ADH12 100 5x12
Cordelia awakens from her coma with visions of Angel in trouble, pitting Angel against Lindsey in a final battle.
"Why We Fight" February 11, 2004 5ADH13 101 5x13
A mysterious man takes the gang hostage and confronts Angel about certain events in his past- specifically, his 'war service' in the Second World War.
"Smile Time" February 18, 2004 5ADH14 102 5x14
Demon puppets from a popular children's show steal the life forces of children by hypnotizing them, and Angel is transformed into a puppet when he tries to investigate.
"A Hole in the World" February 25, 2004 5ADH15 103 5x15
The gang desperately seeks a cure for Fred, who is infected by demon that was imprisoned inside an ancient sarcophagus.
"Shells" March 3, 2004 5ADH16 104 5x16
Angel and Spike must work to restore Fred as Illyria tries to locate her ancient temple and summon her armies.
"Underneath" April 14, 2004 5ADH17 105 5x17
Hoping that Lindsey has information on the Senior Partners' ultimate plans, Angel, Spike and Gunn track him down to the hell dimension where he was banished.
"Origin" April 21, 2004 5ADH18 106 5x18
Connor's new parents seek help from Wolfram & Hart about their son's supernatural abilities, and the past comes back to haunt Wesley when he learns about the deal Angel made to save his son.
"Time Bomb" April 28, 2004 5ADH19 107 5x19
Illyria's powers become unstable, causing her to jump through time, and the gang's attempts to stop her result in her killing them all.
"The Girl in Question" May 5, 2004 5ADH20 108 5x20
Angel and Spike travel to Rome with plans to rescue Buffy from their old nemesis The Immortal while preventing a demon war and Fred's parents come looking for their daughter unaware that she is dead.
"Power Play" May 12, 2004 5ADH21 109 5x21
The gang starts to have doubts about Angel's loyalties after witnessing his disturbing behavior and problematic decisions and while Spike is looking for a demon with Illyria, Drogen the guardian of deeper well arrives to tell Spike that Angel tried to kill him.
"Not Fade Away" May 19, 2004 5ADH22 110 5x22
Angel and co spend the day as if it were their last before moving to take out the Circle of the Black Thorn in a potentially suicidal confrontation.