The second season of Angel originally aired on the WB from September 26, 2000 to May 22, 2001, concurrently with the fifth season Buffy the Vampire Slayer.


Principal Cast

In order of character appearances
David Boreanaz as Angel (22/22)
Charisma Carpenter as Cordelia Chase (22/22)
Alexis Denisof as Wesley Wyndam-Pryce (22/22)
J. August Richards as Charles Gunn (22/22)

Recurring Cast

In order of character appearances
Andy Hallett as Lorne (14/22)
Christian Kane as Lindsey McDonald (10/22)
Julie Benz as Darla (9/22)
Stephanie Romanov as Lilah Morgan (7/22)
Sam Anderson as Holland Manners (6/22)
Elisabeth Röhm as Kate Lockley (6/22)
Juliet Landau as Drusilla (5/22)
Amy Acker as Winifred "Fred" Burkle (4/22)
Brigid Brannagh as Virginia Bryce (4/22)
Gerry Becker as Nathan Reed (3/22)
Brody Hutzler as Landok (3/22)
Michael Phenicie as Silas (3/22)
Jarrod Crawford as Rondell (2/22)
Alyson Hannigan as Willow Rosenberg (2/22)
Julia Lee as Anne Steele (2/22)
Darris Love as George (2/22)
Mark Lutz as the Groosalugg (2/22)
Tom McCleister as Lorne's Mother (2/22)
Eliza Dushku as Faith Lehane (1/22)
David Herman as David Nabbit (1/22)
James Marsters as Spike (1/22)
Mercedes McNab as Harmony Kendall (1/22)
Mark Metcalf as The Master (1/22)
Daniel Dae Kim as Gavin Park (1/22)

Note: The character Denver appeared twice in this season, but was portrayed by separate actors.

List of Episodes

Title Original Airdate Production Code Number
"Judgment" September 26, 2000 2ADH01 23 2x01
After accidentally killing her protector, Angel champions a pregnant woman being hunted down by demons.
"Are You Now or Have You Ever Been" October 6, 2000 2ADH02 24 2x02
In the 1950s, Angel aids a woman living on the lam in the Hyperion Hotel, an establishment with a long history of death and mayhem. In the present, Angel returns to the Hyperion and tracks the demon he refused to stop 50 years earlier.
"First Impressions" October 10, 2000 2ADH03 25 2x03
Angel encounters an amorous Darla in his dreams. Meanwhile, Cordelia vows to protect Gunn.
"Untouched" October 17, 2000 2ADH04 26 2x04
Angel attempts to help a girl with telekinetic powers before she falls into the hands of Wolfram & Hart.
"Dear Boy" October 24, 2000 2ADH05 27 2x05
At the behest of Wolfram & Hart, Darla attempts to unbalance Angel enough to force him to embrace his dark side.
"Guise Will Be Guise" November 7, 2000 2ADH06 28 2x06
Angel meets a Swami to end his obsession with Darla. Wesley assumes Angel's identity and plays bodyguard.
"Darla" November 14, 2000 2ADH07 29 2x07
Angel is desperate to rescue Darla from the clutches of Wolfram & Hart. Darla remembers her past.
Crossover: This episode consists largely of flashbacks. Some of the events recounted are seen from another viewpoint in "Fool for Love," first aired earlier the same night.
"The Shroud of Rahmon" November 21, 2000 2ADH08 30 2x08
Angel goes undercover with Gunn to prevent a mind-altering Shroud from falling into the wrong hands.
"The Trial" November 28, 2000 2ADH09 31 2x09
Learning that Darla is dying, Angel refuses to turn her into a vampire. Instead, he undertakes a series of mystical ordeals in which he must ultimately sacrifice his own life for hers.
"Reunion" December 19, 2000 2ADH10 32 2x10
The newly revamped deadly duo of Drusilla and Darla hit the streets of LA. Angel is frantic
"Redefinition" January 16, 2001 2ADH11 33 2x11
After firing his staff and cutting himself off from all help, Angel takes on Darla and Drusilla.
Crossover: After this episode, Drusilla visits Sunnydale in "Crush."
"Blood Money" January 23, 2001 2ADH12 34 2x12
Angel threatens to reveal W&H's criminality when he discovers they're stealing from a teen shelter.
"Happy Anniversary" February 6, 2001 2ADH13 35 2x13
Angel and The Host search for a physicist who plans to freeze time, while Wesley, Cordelia and Gunn establish themselves as independent detectives.
"The Thin Dead Line" February 13, 2001 2ADH14 36 2x14
Angel teams up with Kate to investigate the rumours of zombie policemen who are out for blood.
"Reprise" February 20, 2001 2ADH15 37 2x15
One of Wolfram & Hart's "senior partners" is coming to visit, and Angel is determined to take it out.
"Epiphany" February 27, 2001 2ADH16 38 2x16
After an empty night of passion with Darla, Angel wakes up with his soul still intact and has an epiphany.
"Disharmony" April 17, 2001 2ADH17 39 2x17
While the group tries to track down vampires, Cordelia gets a surprise visit from her high school friend Harmony.
Crossover: Harmony left Sunnydale after "Crush." Cordelia calls Willow for information on Harmony.
"Dead End" April 24, 2001 2ADH18 40 2x18
Cordelia's visions get worse and the gang fears for her health. Meanwhile, Lindsey is granted a new hand.
"Belonging" May 1, 2001 2ADH19 41 2x19
Angel and his crew must find a way to kill a bloodthirsty demon who has arrived in town from another dimension.
"Over the Rainbow" May 8, 2001 2ADH20 42 2x20
Cordelia is sucked through a magic portal and transported to a demon dimension where humans are considered inferior, prompting the gang to rescue her.
"Through the Looking Glass" May 15, 2001 2ADH21 43 2x21
After learning that Cordelia has become the Princess of Pylea, Wesley and Gunn are captured by rebels as Angel tries to save a slave sentenced to execution.
"There's No Place Like Plrtz Glrb" May 22, 2001 2ADH22 44 2x22
Aided by Fred, Angel struggles with his inner beast the demon dimension brings out in him, while Wesley and Gunn join with rebel forces to overthrow the government.
Crossover: In the last scene, the team return home to the Hyperion to find Willow with news from "The Gift."


  • This the only season of both shows in which every actor in the opening credits appeared in every episode.
  • The main antagonists of this season were Darla, Drusilla and Wolfram & Hart.