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Note: This article is about the Wishverse counterpart. For other uses, see Angel.

I waited. I waited here for you. But you never... I was supposed to help you.

Angel was a vampire and the alternative timeline counterpart of Angel, having waited for Buffy Summers for years until she finally went to Sunnydale.[1]


When Cordelia wished to Anyanka that Buffy had never moved to Sunnydale, the vengeance demon transported her to a reality in which the absence of the Slayer had allowed the town to be dominated by vampires. Instead, Buffy had moved to the Hellmouth in Cleveland, and Angel waited in Sunnydale for a Slayer that never came.[1]

At some point, Angel was captured by the Master for trying to save people from the Order of Aurelius. He was chained in a cage in the Bronze and used as a plaything by Willow and Xander, who in this reality had become vampires and the Master's lieutenants. Willow in particular delighted in torturing him, and called him "Puppy". As a result of these tortures, Angel bore several gruesome burn scars on his chest.[1]

When Buffy finally came to Sunnydale, she found Angel while searching for the Master. She was suspicious upon learning that he was a vampire, but Angel convinced her that he was the Master's enemy and wanted revenge for what had been done to him. Angel took the Slayer to what appeared to be a blood factory. A battle between vampires and humans ensued, when Angel was staked by Xander. His last word was Buffy's name.[1]  

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