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Angel was a vampire with a soul who fell victim to the Vampire King Rupert Giles in an alternate timeline visited by Buffy Summers.

History[edit | edit source]

Confrontation with Giles[edit | edit source]

After Buffy was captured by the demon-god Camazotz and Giles, then a vampire loyal to Camazotz, the Scooby Gang contacted Angel for help. He returned to Sunnydale that night and confronted Giles in the Sunnydale City Hall. Though Angel proved to be more than a match for Giles, he was caught in a magical trap that Giles had set up for him. As it closed on Angel, Giles caught him in the heart with a stake.

Rather than dying from the stake, Angel remained trapped, with time around him frozen in the moment before his death, which would come if Angel were to ever be released. Giles, retaining his grudge against Angel for been tortured, did this to exact revenge and magically sealed the room that Angel was trapped in. To the rest of the world, Angel vanished without a trace, and Giles never spoke of his fate to anyone.[1]

Reunion with Buffy[edit | edit source]

After being sent five years into the future, Buffy experienced a dream where Angel, hanging much as he did inside the magical bubble, warned her about dealing with Giles.

Five years later, while attacking Sunnydale to destroy Giles who had become the Vampire King, Oz smelled Angel in the town hall and led Buffy, Willow, and Xander to him. Willow was able to break the spell guarding the door and the group was horrified by Angel's state. Waking up and displaying some of his old humor, Angel explained what had happened to him and forced Buffy to confront the reality that he was beyond saving. The reunion was interrupted by Giles himself and then the fact that the rest of the assault force needed help, forcing the others to leave Buffy to confront Giles alone.

Helpless in his bubble, Angel could do nothing but shout encouragement to Buffy as she battled the Vampire King, who played on her emotions to manipulate her. Though it worked at first, with Giles even claiming that he could save Angel if Buffy joined him, Angel's words helped Buffy see through Giles' lies. Buffy eventually tricked Giles into attacking her and instead hitting the bubble containing Angel with his blessed sword — the same sword that Buffy had once killed Angel with to save the world. The strike electrocuted Giles and broke the spell around Angel. Realizing what Buffy intended, Angel told Buffy in the moment before the strike hit that he'd always loved her. With the bubble popped, Buffy reached for Angel, who dusted before they could touch. Buffy caught the stake Giles had used to kill Angel and used it to kill Giles in turn.[1]

Legacy[edit | edit source]

Following the defeat of Giles' army, Angel was included amongst the list of those who were lost retaking Sunnydale. His name amongst the fallen and the memory of his deeds would be the only remembrance he would ever get however.[1]

After returning to the past and altering the future, Buffy considered calling Angel just to hear his voice and know that he was still alive, even if she didn't actually speak to him.[1]

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