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Note: This article is about the 2022 comic series. For other uses, see Angel.
Btvs The subject of this article is of alternative canonicity.
While created as part of licensed material, it is not part of the original Buffyverse, but its own developed story.

Angel is a comic book series from the Angel comic meta-series. Written by Christopher Cantwell and illustrated by Daniel Bayliss, the eight issues were originally published from January to August 2022 by Boom! Studios.


Welcome to Detective TV, starring Angel and his co-star — Cordelia! But wait, Angel isn’t just a celebrity? Nope, he leads a double life… as a real monster hunter for Angel Investigations!

Sometimes, though, this double life can get his friends into trouble, and as Wesley recovers from a horrific curse, Angel stumbles into a series of supernatural events which lead to him getting sucked into an unexpected and mysterious world. He soon faces a terrifying enemy, who sees him as a threat…[1]


  • This story is an alternative version of the original Angel series, with no sense of continuity between them.


  • Angel (8/8)
  • Winifred Burkle (8/8)
  • Cordelia Chase (8/8)
  • Krevlornswath of the Deathwok Clan (8/8)
  • Daniel Osbourne (8/8)
  • Spike (8/8)
  • Andrew Wells (8/8)
  • Wesley Wyndam-Pryce (8/8)
  • Charles Gunn (7/8)
  • Angel (multiverse) (4/8)
  • Daedalus (4/8)
  • Drusilla (4/8)
  • Groosalugg (3/8)
  • Nathan (3/8)
  • Spike (multiverse) (3/8)
  • Daniel Holtz (2/8)
  • Lenugo (2/8)
  • Liz (2/8)


The series includes eight issues, collected into two trade paperbacks.


Cover Issue Release date
Angel22-01-00a Angel #1 January 19, 2022
Welcome to Detective TV, starring Angel and his co-star, Cordelia! But wait, Angel isn't just a celebrity? No, he leads a double life... as a real monster hunter for Angel Investigations! Sometimes this double life can get his friends in trouble. As Wesley is recovering from a horrific curse, Angel stumbles into a series of supernatural events, and finds himself sucked into an unexpected and mysterious world. He soon faces a terrifying enemy, who sees him as an intruder...
Angel22-02-00a Angel #2 February 16, 2022
Things aren't looking good for everyone's favorite Vampire With A Soul... or his friends.

Angel finds himself trapped in the Spirit House, struggling to survive. Lorne and Andrew have to deal with a fan favorite's interdimensional arrival... and whether to reveal it to Angel. Oh, and Wesley tries his best to get used to life as a zombie.

Angel22-03-00a Angel #3 March 16, 2022
The team can't figure out what to make of Angel's height, or the soul that dwells in the Spirit House. Even worse, an inky black snowfall starts to coat all of Southern California, along with a forecast of more deadly inclement weather, making the tormented parts of the human populace even more vulnerable. And worse still, a gruesome new enemy has other plans for the loose spirit... ones with terrible ramifications for humanity...
Angel22-04-00a Angel #4 April 13, 2022
What is the true identity of the evil entity residing in the spirit house? A traumatized Oz is discovered living upstairs in the hotel, kept secret and safe by Lorne. Oz delivers a grave warning of a great evil drawing near... one with the power to annihilate not just our universe, but every universe in existence...
Angel22-05-00a Angel #5 May 18, 2022
In this Spike-centric story, Spike is just fine not being the hero Angel is, but when Wesley makes yet another sacrifice for him, Spike goes on a mission to save his life. Meanwhile, Angel realizes there might be a sinister version of himself running around — and a new movie role outside of Los Angeles on the horizon...
Angel22-06-00a Angel #6 June 15, 2022
Angel might have left LA, but his problems seem to follow him wherever he goes. With Cordelia struggling to keep the show together without him, she turns to a very familiar face as a potential new co-star, one whose past is also catching up with them!
Angel22-07-00a Angel #7 July 20, 2022
As the series races towards its finale, Angel also contends with the sinister doppelganger on his heels in LA. Meanwhile, a familiar werewolf runs amok in the city, and Spike can't quite fill Angel's shoes. In the midst of it all, what will this chaos mean for Wesley and Fred?
Angel22-08-00a Angel #8 August 17, 2022
Spike, Angel, and Fred are in a desperate battle against a vampiric horde. But a mysterious force brought back by Dr. Daedelus has a thirst for retribution and may be just the help the Angel crew needs!


Cover Title Issues Release date
Angel22 v1 Parallel Hell 1–4 September 21, 2022
Angel is the star of his very own detective TV series, but that celebrity status hides a secret double life... as a real monster hunter for Angel Investigations! Balancing stardom with the fact that he's an actual vampire is no easy feat though, and when a mysterious figure from Sunnydale collides with his Hollywood lifestyle, Angel uncovers the greatest threat he's ever faced!
Angel22 v02 Angel, Volume 2 5–8 January 17, 2023
Angel continues to balance his double life as a burgeoning actor and a supernatural detective, but a sinister doppelganger seems to prowl the night, all while a new potential movie role in LA is on the horizon. Meanwhile, Spike has big shoes to fill and Cordelia deals with her own showbiz struggles, while Angel has to give up something huge to save his own life. He'll need help, with the new but familiar threats from the multiverse promising to tear Angel Investigations apart!