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While created as part of licensed material, it is not part of the original Buffyverse, but its own developed story.

Angel was a vampire cursed with a soul who lived in Los Angeles until he moved to Sunnydale in 2019.


Angel was sired when he was eighteen years old, and since then he had caused nothing but death, mayhem, and mass destruction. He was eventually cursed with a soul, condemned to suffer with the guilt for his past crimes and the knowledge that he deserved this pain and remorse.

In 2019, he had moved to Los Angeles, where he saved a young woman, Helen Chou, from a demon who ate her father. He began training her and she assisted in his battles, although he worried if this was the right thing for her. He counted as well with the help of the witch and awarded singer Fee-Fee, despite his mistrust in magicks, who informed her about demon activities that he might be of help.

Angel eventually accepted Fee-Fee's offer of an artifact to find what he sought, but, as he found the demon, the creature killed Helen. After killing the demon himself, he returned the artifact to Fee-Fee, who explained that death was always a possibility. He told her to never contact him again, and she suggested him to go to Sunnydale. He indeed followed her directions, but left with the certainty to only work alone from then on.[1]

Personality and traits

Angel was very reserved and mysterious. He tended to spend much of his time alone, leaving very little time for any allies or friends. Having been cursed with a soul, Angel's conscience had filled him with constant remorse. This had even gone to the point where Angel sometimes considered fair that he did not receive any redemption for the sins he had committed as a soulless vampire.[1]

Powers and abilities

Being a vampire, Angel possessed all of the capabilities of vampires, such as superhuman strength, speed, endurance, and regeneration, as well as immortality, the need to drink blood, and the ability to assume a vampire's "game face". He also had all of a vampire's vulnerabilities, such as sunlight, wooden stakes, holy items, etc. His physical abilities were further enhanced due to years of experience and training in using his abilities accordingly.



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