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Find others like you. People who have suffered as we have, people with the same rage, the same fire. You'll know them when you see them.
Daniel Holtz to Justine Cooper[src]

The Angel-Hunters were a cell of vampire hunters established by Daniel Holtz and Justine Cooper in order to hunt down Angel, consisting of people who had lost loved ones to vampires and were looking to take their revenge on the undead. The demon Sahjhan referred to them as Paramilitary Moonie Freaks.

These people were trained standard vampire hunting methods, teaching them unarmed fighting skills along with using weapons such as swords, stakes and various others. They also used real vampires as punching bags which they kept locked in chains. They lived alongside Holtz and Justine in an abandoned building.


Holtz built this army after killing the Grappler Demons that Sahjhan had hired to serve him, wanting real warriors who were believed in and were willing to die for his cause instead of soulless soldiers of fortune.

After Holtz struck a deal with Wesley Wyndam-Pryce who believed Angel would kill his own son Connor, Holtz launched an attacked at the Hyperion Hotel using his soldiers. The Angel Investigations team easily dispatched the Angel-Hunters and even killed some in defense. In actual fact, the attack was all a distraction with the purpose to keep Angel from discovering that Wesley had kidnapped his son. When Angel learnt of Wesley's deception, he aggressively approached the injured hunters to find Holtz location.

Following Holtz departure to Quor'toth, Justine assumed leadership of the group. When Charles Gunn and Winifred Burkle came to the building in order to find Holtz, the two were attacked by the remaining Angel-Hunters. However, Justine, upon seeing one of the hunters put a knife to Gunn's neck, reminding her of the time she slit Wesley's throat, ordered them to stop and allowed Gunn and Fred to go. 

The army eventually disbanded before the flight of Holtz with Connor to Quor'toth.

Known members