Andy Dick was a celebrity whose photograph of being bitten by Harmony Kendall was responsible for the reveal of the existence of vampires to the general public.


Among other celebrities, Andy Dick was entering the Elite nightclub at Los Angeles, surrounded by paparazzi. He was attracted by Harmony, who was looking at him from afar excited by his status. The two went to a nearby alleyway and she bit him, putting Dick in an ecstatic state. At this very moment, while Harmony was still in her vampire face, his blood dripping from her mouth, paparazzi appeared and photographed the scene.[1]

A picture of the event quickly become popular, reported at tabloid news websites under the headline: “Hot Vamp Gets Taste of A. Dick.” With this one picture, the existence of vampires was revealed to the general public, and Harmony herself began her ascension to fame.[1]

Behind the scenes



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