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While created as part of licensed material, it has not been confirmed as part of the "real" Buffyverse continuity.

Sir Andrew Landry was a vampire hunter in the nineteenth century and an enemy of Angelus.[1]


First witnessing a vampire when he was fourteen years old, Andrew dedicated his life to hunting them from then on, developing a significant reputation and skill in his new profession.[2] However, he met his match when he found himself facing Angelus, who slaughtered most of Andrew's team while they were tracking the vampire in a graveyard.[1]

In 1845, other attempts at hunting Angelus resulted in Andrew's men staked to a tree or their heads impaled on an iron fence. Andrew was forced to recognize that he wasn't the hero or wise man that he had believed he was, as a hero would have saved his men and a wise man would have stopped pursuing such a dangerous foe before things reached this point.[2]

Angelus's most personal attack occurred in 1854, when he seduced Andrew's maid over a decade after their first encounter. This allowed him to enter the Landry household and turn Andrew's wife, Margaret, whom Andrew had to stake.[2]

The event left Sir Andrew almost insane and he was sent to an asylum, where Angelus visited him three years later. Angelus told Andrew that he had spent so long tormenting him because the hunter's arrogance reminded Angelus of his own father. Angelus had decided to tear down Andrew in a manner that he had been unable to do when he had confronted his own father.[3]

Angelus also revealed why he had spared Andrew's young son, Alex, despite killing virtually everyone else Andrew knew. With his mother dead and his father insane, Alex's life would be a misery that it would have been almost a mercy to release him from, while his continued survival left Andrew just sane enough to fully appreciate the horror of what had happened to him.[3]

Andrew died shortly after Angelus' visit to him, Angelus reflecting later that he regretted that the man hadn't lasted longer.[3]

In the 21st century, Andrew's descendant Alexa Landry went on to become a highly skilled operative of the Watchers Council, using her access to their magical arsenal in her attempt to kill Angel as revenge for what he had done to her family.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

  • The story of Angelus confronting a Yorkshire vampire hunter, forcing him to stake a family member, and an attempt at vengeance reaching Angel in the 21st century is similar to his story with Daniel Holtz, who would first appear in the Angel TV series (episode "Heartthrob") eight months after Andrew's debut in the comics.