You're the chaff, unblessed. I'll suck the blood from your hearts, he says I may!
―Andrew Borba[src]

Andrew Borba was a suspected murderer located in Sunnydale and later vampire.


Andrew was sought for questioning during a double murder prior to his siring. While riding a bus, he and the other passengers were attacked by the members of the Order of Aurelius and was then sired into a vampire. It was believed that Andrew was the Anointed One, prompting the Scooby Gang to search for him at the local morgue. After he rose, Andrew attacked Owen Thurman, the slayer Buffy Summers' date. Buffy had mistakenly believed that Andrew had killed Owen, enraging her so much that she fought him furiously before pushing him into a cremation chamber where he was incinerated. He eventually turned out to be a decoy.


Borba as a vampire.

As a human, Borba was a God-fearing, religious zealot who would preach about Judgement Day as he believed it would soon happen. Upon rising as a vampire, he believed this was his judgement. However, when a cross was pitted against him, invoking his natural fear of religious objects due to his vampirism, he became confused.

While human, his possible string of murders was attributed to a psychosis. It is unknown if this was merely a term used by the press or part of the actual diagnosis. Moreover, it was fully possible that mental health care professionals may have come to such a possible diagnosis by misinterpreting factual information about supernatural events for delusions.

Behind the Scenes

  • He was portrayed by Geoff Meed.
  • Geoff Meed played also Mag.
  • The shooting script attributes Borba's tattoos to prison work and he was wanted for questioning in a double homicide. While it was never confirmed he was guilty of said murders, if guilty Andrew Borba became one of the few vampires to have killed more people as a human than as a vampire, Buffy slayed him before he killed anyone as a vampire.
  • Borba's death is somewhat ironic considering how he went on about how people will be "judged", he meets his demise when engulfed in flames.


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