Andrea Richmond was the Senior Vice President of Cross-Planar Relations of the Wolfram & Hart San Francisco Branch. She was also the right hand of Tansy Fry, a vampire and former member of the Order of Aurelius planning on reforming the Order and opening a "mini-Hellmouth" in Los Angeles.

She conned a drunken Spike to steal a mystical coin her mistress required and tried to have him killed by a group of thug-for-hire vampires. She also a recruited Terrence for Tansy's reformed Order, but he was dusted by Spike, while her assistant, Percy Jennings, was gunned down by Eddie Hope. Later on she attempted to kill both Spike and Eddie in the parking lot of a The Lucky Break with the aid of three Grappler Demons, however she only succeeded in getting her hands and feet frozen.

Afterward, Andrea ended up in a hospital with a severe case of frostbite. Although the doctors managed to arrest edema, Andrea had suffered lot of tissue damage, for which she was offered an experimental treatment using demon DNA. In the meantime, Andrea ordered one of her men, Miller, to gather information on both Spike and Hope. She also recruited Har'ann, the demon sorceress that had created the Hellmouth for Fry.


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