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Slayers. What is this shadowy organization? We've done some digging. They say they're our protectors, as fighters in some grand battle against 'evil'. But who decides what is evil? And, some are asking who protects us from them?
―Anderson Cooper[src]

Anderson Cooper was a journalist who interviewed Harmony Kendall following the exposure of vampires and Slayers to the general public.


Cooper had Harmony Kendall in his program Anderson Cooper 360°. Introducing her, this was one of the first platforms to question the role of Slayers in human society, as they've had just been revealed to the public in the vampire's reality show Harmony Bites.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

  • Anderson Cooper is one of the few real life celebrities to be inserted into the Buffyverse.
  • Writer Jane Espenson has explained choosing the journalist to question Slayers: "I actually picked Anderson Cooper because he is believable. He is credible, and if you hear Anderson Coooper saying, 'What is this shadowy organization?' it's not Rush Limbaugh saying it. Anderson Cooper is someone we tend to think of as credible and reasonable. So I picked him as a sign of reasonability, not of gullibility. I want us to say, 'Oh, smart people are saying, 'What's up with these Slayers?'' So Anderson, you can take it as a compliment."[2]