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"And White Splits the Night" is a prose short story of the Tales of the Slayer book series. Written by Yvonne Navarro, it was originally published on October 2, 2001 by Simon Pulse.


17 year old Asha Sayre is a dark-skinned Slayer in an extremely racist society. While hunting, she discovers a vampire's plan to kill a church group in a couple of days and bomb the place to the ground. She and her Watcher rush to the church to prevent the attack from happening. Asha manages to save the people in the church, but ends up being killed herself.


  • The events of this story take place in the year of 1956.



  • Gabe Jenner
  • Joey
  • Johnson (Only mentioned)
  • Laurent
  • Elijah Peterson (Only mentioned)
  • Pique (Only mentioned)
  • Wilson Ray
  • George Sanders (Only mentioned)
  • Asha Sayre
  • Mr. Sayre (Only in visions)
  • Mr. Sayre (Only mentioned)
  • Annabelle Thomas (Only mentioned)

Organizations and titlesEdit



  • Florida
    • Lake Okeechobee
    • Port Buck, Martin County
      • Main Street
        • Dairy Queen
      • Maple Street (Only mentioned)
      • Hickory Street
        • Hickory Street Baptist Church
    • Palm Beach (Only mentioned)
    • Saint Lucie (Only mentioned)

Weapons and objectsEdit

Death countEdit

  • Unidentified man, drained by a vampire.
  • Mr. Sayre, hanged by the KKK (in flashback).
  • Joey, staked by Asha Sayre.
  • Unknown number of humans, killed by KKK vampires.
  • Three KKK vampires, staked by Asha.
  • Gabe Jenner, staked by Asha.
  • Asha, Laurent, and a dozen KKK vampires, killed by a KKK bomb.

Behind the scenesEdit


Pop culture referencesEdit

  • The story features the American white supremacist hate group Ku Klux Klan.
  • Port Buck has a Dairy Queen fast-food restaurant.
  • Local merchants try to price gounge on Coca-Cola bottles to visitors.
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